Balance Formula

In addition, a woman's body begins 'hormonal chaos', as all systems are configured exactly to the bearing of a child. As a result of unbalancing content hormones during a subsequent pregnancy may be hormonal 'failure' of the fetus. Sexually transmitted infections, it is the same 'time bomb'. Long time, a woman may not even be aware of their available, but they 'smoldering', causing great harm to a female body (obstruction of the fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer). When pregnancy occurs, the disease 'coming out of hiding', causing the development of intrauterine infection fetus.

On the other hand, as a result of these 'silent' infections in the genital organs of women are accumulated waste products of microorganisms. 'Element 1. Balance Formula for Women '- reinforces the general and local immunity the female body, helps to overcome infections and their consequences in the sexual sphere. Over the last century, people went from 100% natural – to the products grown under the influence of many fertilizers and hormone growth stimulants, and even went before the use of genetically modified food (GMOs). However, in such a short time, our cleaning systems are not adapted to the increased flow of harmful substances. This leads to a gradual 'Zashlakovke' body and the malfunction of many organs. General cleaning … your body If you ask for – choose not to short, and the most reliable path to a healthy baby, try to put in order the organism and thereby create the optimum conditions for the nucleation and development of the baby.

In order to qualitatively and fully cleanse the body, not a single phyto tea. In other words, too late to sweep the floor when the walls are crumbling. You have guessed that from this moment to become a restorer own body, taking into account all 'wasted years' in terms of thoughtless attitude towards their health. For global recovery work all organs program was created 'Cleansing' Gloryon. It consists of four products – phyto tea 'Atlanta', 'Element 6. INDOLE PLUS 'and' Maksfaybera '. This program is designed to step through and thorough cleansing of the whole organism. Therefore, the release of toxins will be step by step, starting with bodies such as the intestines, liver and biliary ways, kidneys – and ending of each cell. As a result, recovering the optimal level of hormones, consequently – increased reproductive function and the ability to conceive a healthy baby. And in such a clean and comfortable 'house' is very comfortable to live your kid up to nine months. Launching a process of rejuvenation, you able to extend it and after childbirth. After giving birth late mother on the biological level, slow the aging process, pushing the 'age' of the disease. After your transfiguration can come second youth. Then the cons late childbirth become pros mature motherhood. Remember – 'in forty years, life has just begun'!