Makeup Produces Acne

Formerly, and in some cases up to now.Considered the use of make-up base brings the appearance of acne. Such belief is not entirely correct, but not so equivocal. Misuse of the basis of make-up if you bring as a consequence an acne that is called cosmetic. It is, as it I posted previously. There are different types of bases that are adapted or are ideal for different types of skins.If a person with oily skin uses a base creamy with high content of oily, then makeup if it would be influencing the worsening of acne.Not because the base is bad, but because the base is being misused, in a type of skin for it which was not formulated.There are bases called therapeutic, which in addition to camouflage the appearance of the skin with acne. It treats the problem and helps to improve it.If a skin with acne, use bases called oil free or bases to the water. The use of makeup not only that it would not interfere worsening acne but that rather, helps enormously the person cope with your problem.In many cases suffer from acne means that suffers from it an important problem when carrying your social life or interact with other people. That is why the use of makeup formulated for this type of skins, contributes to a significant improvement in the social life of the patient.

Tourism Aesthetic

Argentina is a beautiful country to know and perform cosmetic surgery. Aesthetic tourism in Argentina is constituted as a society of service designed for the person who wants to perform a cosmetic surgery and at the same time you want to enjoy a fun holiday. Aesthetic Argentina tourism is one of the most recommended, since in addition to being a country of a few impressive architectural and landscape beauties, it has medical expertise, among the best around the world, which are responsible for carrying out different types of surgeries: liposuction, rhinoplasty, facelift, implants, etc. The various proposals for medical tourism offered by the Argentina involves, in addition to the best aesthetic medical services, transfers, accommodations and various guided visits to the customer’s choice, so you can enjoy getting to know the wonderful places that Argentina has. Aesthetic tourism offered by the Argentina undertakes to accompany the person who requests the service from the time you step off the plane and it arrives in the country, until the day that back home. To do this, they have a large staff of trained people dealing with customer satisfaction at all times. In addition, this large staff of medical tourism deals keep constant with patient contact once he returns to his home, since from there they can perform all the consultations that may be necessary. If you are thinking about making you a cosmetic surgery and at the same time enjoy a different holiday in a beautiful and entertaining site, a good option is to find out about different companies offer aesthetic tourism in Argentina.