To produce a lesson such that exactly not having all the available ways of visualization can make with that the pupil imagines, travels for inside of the information, and thus it acquires knowledge. To improve the forms to explain the contents, making contextualizaes and to search ways to try the principles scientific. Easily these objectives with the experiments inside of the proper room and or at the moment of the lesson are taken care of concomitantly, being at a first moment a true paradox. 2 DEVELOPMENT the searching professor of the area of Sciences, 5 series, perceiving the problem of the learning in education – it considers that the lessons of sciences are elaborated in order to produce knowledge ' ' in loco' ' , searching explanations of the theoretical part proving the scientific statement through realizable experiences in the classroom. From the approach of the problems in room, the scientific experimentation comes to fill a great gap, the professor starts to have more taste for the work, on the other hand the pupils starts to like the lessons more than. All the human problem is of communication this only can be decided through the communication, each time more the formation human being depends on research and evidence, is as a necessity. In such a way it is transferred also to value the psychological aspects and the active participao of the student in the learning process, what it results in a particular concern in developing the practical activities.

The basic intention of the education of Sciences is to give conditions so that the pupil lives deeply what scientific method was denominava, for the method of redescoberta. Unhappyly still it has professors that they believe that only a good education of Sciences with the woollen use is possible boratrios. On the other hand it had a perspective change to consider the participation of the pupil not only individually, but working in groups.

Cots For Babies

CPSC is an acronym for the Organization for the protection to the consumer, such regulatory federal entity this responsible for protecting the public against unreasonable risks, injuries and deaths associated with consumer products. That organization has launched a campaign on crib safety to help educate new parents expecting a baby and improve security in the crib. This campaign has a video designed to help prevent suffocation and strangulation hazards to all new parents, this video shows how to keep unharmed babies in cribs, Moses and Playpens, in addition to this measure also withdrawal of the market for rail qualifying within dangerous cribs. The campaign seeks to educate parents in such a way that the nurses will not allow that the newborns leave the hospital unless the parents have become aware and have insured that the new baby is directed toward a home that will give you all the necessary security. This education and awareness effort towards the parents is part of the multiple effort aimed at reducing deaths and injuries associated with the safe sleep environments. It also includes the development of new crib standards, warnings about COTS with railings mobile, Positioners, sleep, and the retirement of millions of cribs in the past five years. So future or new parents came the time to be aware and avoid that the worst enemy is within the same room for the baby. Bebesmundo is a blog that covers topics related to babies, cribs, tips to be able to take care of them and much more, but this time I wanted to leave information about cribs for babies. Liza Bedoya original author and source of the article

British Psychiatrist Ronald David Laing Heart

Although this, to act in loving way with the person that we love, exactly that it is one in such a way transtornada at the moment, is much more fortalecedor of what remaining itself moved away in a splendid isolation. The balance between the heart and its mind is the key. The pardon opens the heart for the curativa favour. It is a capacity that increases with practical, as well as its muscles they increase with the gymnastics. To the times, the way fastest for our goals is crooked. The wisdom, the love and the knowledge will the same take it the place – in house and the world. When we suffer from the disappointments and pains of the life, seen through our perceptions of the loss of what we love many times if it becomes necessary to isolate itself in self-defense.

In a certain direction, we enter in a shock state and of withdrawal of the battlefield, so that let us can take care of of the proper survival and let us not be destroyed. Our systems of reserve support assume the command and part of our essence or vivacity is reduced. But after passed the shock, the process of natural cure starts. Little by little, it is possible to come back to the life of new. The misfortunes that not destroying in them only will fortify in them.

In our free time, to the one curing in them, we will be able to open the heart to the true love, not confused for illusions and the fantasioso thought. The parts of us that we congeal to provide one natural anaesthetic to the pain of the loss – those memories meigas and shared interests – can be recouped and will be now capable to see the reality under a clearer and hot light. Stronger and better, we will be able to continue enriched, if this will be the way that we choose. But this way requires the courage to feel again to the renewed pain of which initially it withdraws – to again feel the presence of another person. alone, to alliviate, in safer places, the previously intolerable drama that shocked in them, taking us it a less painful entorpecimento. To the measure that the feelings and hesitantes acts of pardon emerge, also they will emerge fuller, richer, better equipped for the life and more perdoadores also of we ourselves. The hard and rigid marks of the anger if undo in a softer reception and complacente to the renewed life. The pardon is a regenerative process. If to remain angry for a long period of time, we will tend to recriar recordativos scenes of the original trauma that isolated in them before. This if calls ‘ ‘ compulsion of repetio’ ‘ (to who Freud if it related). The psychic cancer of the not set free anger can mutilate and kill our spirit, forcing us it a repetitive behavior and without life, while the emotional release allows in them to advance to the next act to the drama of our lives. Therefore, we do not have to play people it are, alone because they are not fit in the project who originally we had in relation they. Thus, why to play except the Love? It is our more precious merchandise. * Raymond Coast? July? Psychology – Fragmentos Psycotherapy? Analysis and Notations of reading of the Book: Lies de Amor – of the British Psychiatrist Ronald David Laing and of American Psychologist Roberta Russel? Translation of Ivo Korytowski? Mandarin Editoria, So Paulo?

Secrets Emotions

“Bestselling author Ingo Vogel explains how sellers create a conversation atmosphere in which customers like to shop In contact with sellers one finds again and again according to the experts for emotional sell Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, they use lots of time before important sales calls to consider: how I present my product the customer” so that it appears in the best light? Just a few thoughts, however, to use them: How do I find an emotional connection to the customer? And: how to win his sympathy and his confidence? While selling demonstrate according to the author of the bestseller top emotionally the 7 Secrets of the top seller”next to your reservations process everyday many studies: whether or not a customer for the product A or B decides or buys the seller of X or Y seller, is largely through the emotions determined by the emotions of the customer for the seller and feel in contact with him, and the emotions, the it due to the Benefits that it promises its offer, feels. Against this background, the renowned sales trainer and consultant has formulated seven points, which itself should always call seller customer discussions into consciousness so that from them in terms of positive emotional sales pitches are. 1. people buy emotion: no emotion, no sales! Emotions control the customer decisions (unconsciously) to at least 70 percent. First of all the customer “buys, which radiates the seller and then his offer. Emotionalisieren you therefore your sales calls and presentations.

2. the sales success starts in your head! A good mood makes for a good atmosphere for discussions and a good conversation flow. Bring therefore before you meet customers, actively in the best mood. 3. first impressions count, remains the last! To start your sales pitch your good charisma makes likable and trustworthy you the customer. According to the conversation history. At the end of one particularly your liability. 4.

Their facial expressions decides! The customer signals their body language and in particular your facial expressions: friend or foe? Remember in your sales conversations. 5. credibility is the be-all and end-all”! Fits her behavior and your voice, what you (removal) say that? “What you say is important. How is but still critical”(behavior/voice), so the emotion. 6 be different! People love and trust brands. Will be a genuine, passionate brand by showing your corners and edges and emotional message. 7. treat your customers! With time, positive emotions and honest interest and attention. If seller heed these seven points for customer contacts, they go according to bird on the road to success. In other words, they achieve more transactions in less time. Because feel the customer in contact with them and feel that the seller would appreciate it as a person, they have also confidence in them.

Ingenico IPP350 Is Excellent

Ingenico press release in Ratingen, 7 March 2013 Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), a leading provider of payment solutions worldwide, on January 22, 2013 in Berlin 2nd place in the category of projects of Terminal competition contactless payment by the German Sparkassen – und Giroverband (DSGV) scored. The certified Ingenico payment traffic Terminal iPP350 has proven with leading retailers in more than 800 installations. “Nationwide dissemination of contactless mobile payment solution for the category projects” could all participants apply, which could prove at least 50 Terminal implementations with active girogo functionality in the market until June 30, 2012. This policy aimed to promote the advantages of contactless mobile payment solution, to emphasize speed and comfort, and the payment system known as girogo throughout Germany.

Total 877 terminals with enabled girogo could be installed during the competition period. The awards from the DSGV device iPP350 approved for all card-based payment procedures which are relevant to Germany. It has a card reader for chip, magnetic stripe and contactless cards. An NFC reader is located in the area of the color displays and can handle all known contactless methods. The iPP350 is designed as a basic terminal for the cash connection, thus it is operated primarily in the multi-lane retail, retail with multiple cash desks. This is the document printing on the cash register. Thanks to its equally robust yet compact design, integration into taxi systems represents another growing application area. The projects by an expert jury, consisting of industry experts like Wolfgang Adamiok, Director of the Department of payment and card strategy of the German of savings bank and Giro Association, Stefan Genth, Chief Executive of the main Association of German retailers (HDE) and Horst Ruter, head of research division payment systems and member of the Executive Board of the EHI retail Institute (EUI) were evaluated.