EU Pilot: Innovation Vouchers For Structure Weaker Regions

Funding of up to $10,000 for Web projects to enable support for structure weaker regions, access to digital technologies with the innovation voucher to even small companies as well as small – and medium-sized enterprises in the less-favoured regions of the EU launched the idea of the innovation voucher in the life. Small business should have the opportunity thereby to enhance their competitiveness and improve their growth prospects. The voucher plan to set up provides the award of innovation vouchers, which have a height not to exceed 10,000 euros. Implementation in the pilot phase of the implementation of the currently still in the pilot voucher plan will take place in coordination with local authorities of the appropriate areas. The first two areas that take advantage of the innovation voucher, are the Spanish regions of Extremadura and Murcia.

Up to the year 2014 but the voucher measure financed through EU funds will be available everywhere in Europe. What are the concrete benefits? The purpose of the voucher plan is Small businesses to provide access to know-how and technology. Also, the innovation voucher to offer specialists in innovative fields of incentives to work with small businesses and increase their market opportunities so. The plan is to be implemented by small – and medium-sized enterprises and their partners to easily and require very little overhead. Video presentation of information for regional authorities to the implementation of the plan. What can the voucher be used? Small – and medium-sized enterprises can use the voucher for innovative technologies and procedures that are offered by private companies, universities, research institutes or other service providers on the innovation, information and technology sector. The voucher, small businesses get access to specialized services. These include, inter alia: the creation and profitable use of commercial websites, support in the introduction and the use of software for Internet commerce, support in the Introduction of specialized information and communication technologies (ICT). This is useful, for example, in the planning of operation-relevant resources in the development of efficient supply chains, as well as in customer service.

Review Of Smart-con SAP 2013

Consolidation of system and application landscapes. Harmonisation of data and business processes. “Good exchange at a very high level – experts discuss extreme implementation strategies and success factors for consolidation projects with experts.” Dr. Gunther Reinhard, Schock components GmbH from 11 to 12 November 2013 invited Gr.CONECT responsible managers from the fields of IT and SAP in Berlin MARITIM proArte hotel to the smartcon SAP a 2013. More than 80 participants have actively used the Conference to discuss current challenges, new approaches and developments.

Participants, speakers, presenters and business had partners in various ways the opportunity to exchange ideas, to expand their network and to discuss current issues. Smartcon SAP 2013 in review: more than 80 participants from 43 companies deal in interactive sessions with the most important and challenging issues and issues relating to the area of SAP architectures 2 days with current experience reports of companies from different industries and Sizes: ALSTOM AG, Andritz AG, Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Daimler AG, DSAG e.V., ERGO Versicherungsgruppe AG, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Mondelez International Inc., Novartis International AG, T-Systems International GmbH, w & w Informatik GmbH and many, many more the Conference received from the participants an overall rating of 1.4 (evaluation of 73% of the participants) 4 world cafes, 4 Challenge your peers roundtables, 2 icebreaker sessions on the eve of the Conference, and 15 case studies 6 leading business partner: DATA MIGRATION AG, EMC Germany GmbH, RealTech Consulting GmbH, SAPERION AG, SNP Schneider-Neureither & partner and VMware global Inc. smartcon SAP 2013 missed? Order the Conference proceedings here “much more direct exchange of experience among themselves, as in similar events. Great concept!” Matthias Herzog, Mondelez International Inc. The topics as a thread running through the agenda withdrew more than 20 lectures and sessions on three days, there were reports, panel discussions and case studies. The exchange of views between the Participants, speakers, and business was stimulated by the different sessions such as world cafes and Challenge Your Peers partners.

Treating Chemical Dependents

It has if thinking about public politics in the attempt of if not deciding, brightening up the destructive effect of the drugs. The chemical dependents have in the public system of health attendance to multidiscipline. What in the flame the attention is, however, what these people and its familiar ones make while they wait for these atendimentos in the specialized ranks of health. This article was written with the objective to present and to reflect on the use of the space enters wait and attendance in the Center of Psicossocial Attention. Moreover, the research had as objective to apply playful activities in the wait room as form to offer to familiar and using of the CAPS the moments of descontrao and interaction with other patients. Words key: Playful activities.

Room of wait. Familiar and Dependent Chemistries. Abstract: To number of people Who uses illegal substances has become to bigger every Day, consumption and treatment of addicts is in longer the Police to matter and He was treated a marries of publiv health. Has been considering publicies in attempt you not decides, mitigate the desctrutive effects of drugs. The drug is in the public health multidisciplinary. What draws oue attention is to however, what these people and to their families while they wait will be these services in specialized clinics. This article aims you present and reflct on the uses of the space between expected and attendance at the Center will be Psychosocial Care. The reserachaimed you observes the results of the recreational practice of activities in the waiting room a way you offer falimies and users of CAPS realxion and interaction wuth to other patientes.

New Managing Director

The 40-year Ph.d. industrial engineering followed by Ralf Dingeldein comes from the Linde material handling GmbH, where he is responsible for the Division of new vehicles since September 2008. Previously he was responsible since early 2007 at the headquarters of the KION Group in Wiesbaden for service strategies and competitor intelligence. Prior to his move to Linde material handling he headed for the Frankfurt Office of the consulting firm McKinsey over 8 years in various marketing and sales projects at major international clients in the United States, China and South Africa. Dingeldein has set itself the target, the Wambui group, which offers complete solutions for the transport, to align consistently with the needs of their customers.

I am on the new challenge”, so Dingeldein. We are our customers continues with high Competence support and pursue the same innovative and reliable business course, for which we are known for over 50 years are.” About Wambui: The Wambui Fordertechnik holding GmbH headquartered in Bremen, Germany is distributor of Linde material handling and provides innovative and customized solutions for the transport. The sale and hire include the core business of the company new and used Flurforder tools and platforms. The product portfolio is complemented by a comprehensive range of services ranging from logistics consulting, driver training, spare parts supply to the technical service. The Wambui Group employs 560 employees and maintains offices in Bremen, Bersenbruck, Schiffdorf, Wilhelmshaven, Hannover and Braunschweig Bremen haven.