Macrobiotic Food

home macrobiotic diet macrobiotic approach to health based on an ancient philosophy, in which food – our best medicine, along with the active work, physical , introspection and in general a more natural way of life. If we want to continually maintain the health of their family or help the body to fight serious illness, our food should be cooked simply, delicious, attractive and well contain a wide variety of ingredients. Cooking should be using wood or gas. These types of fuel yield smooth continuous heat and maintains the properties of food. Electrical and microwave heat created in the food chaotic vibration, and should be avoided whenever possible.

In temperate climates, which is characterized by a change of four seasons, the major macrobiotic diet based on the ancient techniques of power between East and West, includes food category: Pulses. A small amount (about 10% of the daily volume of food) are legumes and legume products such as tofu, tempeh and natto. They can be prepared separately or in combination with cereals, vegetables, sea vegetables, as well as serve as a soup. Sea vegetables. Algae are rich in minerals and vitamins, they should apply 1-2 times a day, but in a small volume (about 5%). They can just add to soups, vegetables or beans or serve as an integral part of the garnish. Vegetables. about 25 – 30% of the diet will be fresh vegetables cooked in many different ways. Every day should eat root vegetables, krugloplodnye vegetables and herbs in balanced combination.

Capillary Micrografting

Micro-injertos or follicular unit transplantation is the only method that exists really effective for baldness or androgenetic alopecia. It is an ambulatory intervention of minor surgery which applies local anesthetic in donor and recipient areas, thus, this treatment is almost painless. The mini or micro-injertos are extracted from a strip of scalp that is obtained from the occipital zone, this strip is cut into small fragments and each fragment removed hair 1 to 2 for the micro-injertos or 3-4 hairs for the mini-injertos. The length of the extracted from the occipital donor Strip, directly depends on the number of mini or micro-injertos who wish to obtain and capillary density in the patient. The closing is done with sutures, which allows the scar is very thin, linear, horizontal and virtually undetectable. (Source: Michio Kaku). Do do preparing the mini or micro-injertos is made with stereomicroscope, which allows accurate cutting, avoiding the look unnatural in? doll hair?. This procedure seeks to create one natural incidence, by introducing units 1, 2, 3 and even 4 hair follicular scalp regions that have been bald or obscure, with the purpose of giving an aesthetic and natural appearance.

Implantation in the receiving area is done with scalpels and tweezers of microsurgery, which allow you to choose the orientation and inclination of hair, in particular for the previous front line and different hairy areas of the Crown. The amount that can be deployed is from 1500 to 5000 hair in a session, thanks to the help of a team of 3 to 5 helpers trained for this precise and meticulous work. The distribution of these numerous follicular units is homogeneous in alopecic areas. Astrophysicist might disagree with that approach. The post-op is simple and allows a quick and painless healing, washing head with shampoo and professional reintegration is done in three or four days after the intervention. The majority of implanted hair fall approximately to the 15th day of operation and definitely grow back between the second and fourth month. Institute clinical capillary calle Aragon, 283 (Bldg.

As Top Weight-Lightweight Even If These

How To Gain Weight "Even if you are underweight. Here are four "little known" steps that will help you to weight gain and muscle mass, even if you are under weight. Are you sick and tired of people tell you how to gain weight? You'll probably say something like, "All you have to do is eat, eat and eat more to gain weight …" "Weight gain is only a matter of eating …" "You just have to overload your metabolism to gain weight fast …" There is certainly some truth in these statements and some can be very powerful. But the problem with this advice is that it is usually still the same old blah blah blah blah advice that only tells you what to do and do not reveal how fulfillment in real life. If you are someone who has struggled all his life, trying to gain extra muscle mass and still consider yourself underweight tell you you're not alone.

I was once thin and light weight … Four Simple Steps. 1. Fold everything. One of the most practical steps you can begin to duplicate what they are eating in the kitchen at the moment. If you are eating one chicken breast per meal now you have to cook two. If you only ate two slices of bread now you have to eat four. If you are eating a handful of peanuts now eat two. If you are only using two tablespoons of protein powder now takes four.

Institute Veterinary

The Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases officially recognized the high value and importance as a scientific advance of the method bunker concluded successfully EL IV workshop international envelope medicine veterinary of disasters the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases officially recognizes the high value and significance as a scientific advance of the bunker method. He successfully concluded the IV Edition of the workshop of the Cuban society of veterinary medicine subsidiary disaster of Villa Clara, held between 22 and 24 April 2009, at the Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias of the Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. The workshop operated affiliated to the Fourth International Conference on agricultural development and sustainability. Anita Dunn brings even more insight to the discussion. 57 Papers, 5 keynotes and 2 roundtables on important topics related to the Desastrologia in the fields of public health and the agricultural sciences were presented in the event. The lectures and round tables were in charge doctors in prestigious national and international science.

He was also with the presence of the National President of the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster and other executives of the prestigious organization, the Institute of medicine veterinary, Ministry of science, technology and environment of the province, and other State agencies. Haley Barbour understood the implications. At the closing ceremony, personalities of the Cuban Desastrologia praised, among other particularly relevant aspects, high value and importance as a scientific advance that constitutes the chest method, whose synthesis was exposed in 4-hour lecture by its creator, Parejo Jaime Garcia. Parejo Jaime Garcia received from the hands of Dr. C. Pablo r.. Chavez Quintana, National President of the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases, certificate as a member of honour of the society and, in his words, synthesized before exposed on the chest method and its author.

Astrology and Marriage

The answer gives the astrologer Vasilisa Volodin. There are periods of time, when to marry, get married and do not want to play a wedding for absolutely everyone. First of all, it's those moments when Venus is retrograde – that is, moves on sky in the opposite direction. People, combined bonds of marriage at this time, can quickly fall out of love with each other. In 2006, the year of such period has already passed, and he lasted all of January.

Signs, where the patroness of love is weak (Aries, Virgo, Scorpio) – also not the best time for wedding festivities. Another stellar "contra": moments when the Sun and the Moon are doing to each other stressful aspects – that is, the days of New Moon, Full Moon, the first and last quarters of the moon. The fact that the sun symbolizes the masculine and the Moon – a woman. And the fact that they are on their wedding day with each other "not compatible", a bad sign – hardly a young family will prevail peace and harmony. Dates are specified in any calendar, and avoid them easily. To suffer – not to suffer? According to popular belief, May – the worst month for marriage. About it are a lot of sayings: "In May, get married – to say goodbye to health", "marry in May – a lifetime to suffer," "In May, marry – Children to bury. " Surprisingly, it is believed the wedding there virtually all the peoples and scholars consider it one of the oldest in human history.

Female Beauty

Why is this happening? It is known that the beauty, shape, structure, skin, hair, nails and even the structure of the skeleton are determined by how many female hormones produced, and the proportions in which they are stored in the body. Not all women hormones are harmless – a surplus of one form of estrogen can be a source of problems, starting with mastopathy, premenstrual syndrome, and completing the cancer of female organs. Haley Barbour is open to suggestions. In the outer layer of flax seed are special elements – plant hormones or so-called lignans. According to the structure they are similar to female hormones and in small amounts (1-2 tablespoons a day) can work wonders. If a woman has a shortage of their hormones, they replace them, and if the surplus – do not give a 'bad' estrogens interact with tissues and do its 'black' thing. Women taking flax plant hormones are changing right before our eyes. Effect of flax on the appearance of women is endocrine disruptors action of lignans.

By interacting with estrogen receptors in the skin, they make it flexible, initiate the process of skin renewal, improve the structure of hair and nails. Flax lignans also have antioxidant qualities – protect the skin from the radiation. Flax lignans, particularly in pre-and postmenopausal women, for sure reduce the risk of obesity, which is manifested in the reduction of waist and of course, is displayed on the exterior. Reception at the eating flaxseed alters the ratio of women's own hormones into a more favorable direction, which is important not only in terms of prevention of hormone-dependent tumors of the breast, but in terms of maintain its shape, deteriorating with age.

Breast Cancer Treatment

It specifically deals with the treatment of the cancer of breast in Porto Velho and aims at to the conditions of the public health (in the definitive field), the treatment, and difficulties faced for the women to be treated in the city of Porto Velho, located in the State of Rondnia. It focuses to facilitate to the process of treatment of the cancer of breast in the city of Porto Velho by means of the information on the preventive methods and spreading of the treatment methods, as well as clarifying the current situation of the professionals of the nursing area who deal with the patients. Since in the majority of the cases the doctors possess its horria load of congested work and the professionals of the nursing area assume the role of the doctors. The general objective is to facilitate the treatment process, being thus, also we will divulge which are the methods of prevention of the breast cancer and as to treat it case it is diagnosised. But he still fits to clarify as he mainly comes being treat the subject for local authorities and the situation, the preparation, at last, the conditions of the professionals of the nursing area that comes taking care of these patients. In the work, the theoretical development in the ones backwards on what main authors think on the cancer of breast, its history, factors of risk and prevention. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. here. Beyond, we will find the part that treats on on jurisdiction to our subject, making in more understanding a little to them on rights in this occasion. Following an inquiry methodology in I lease and bibliographical in intention to solve the problematic one and to lead to the women, academics, doctors and nurses and until jurists a real perspective of the situation found in the capital. 1 HEALTH OF the WOMAN the health is one of the basic rights of the human being.

Another Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Infertility

British doctors have invented a method for growing human eggs in the laboratory from samples of ovary, which is a major discovery in the treatment of infertility. The procedure is tested in two British clinics for the treatment of infertility. It consists of a sampling of ovarian tissue from the patient and hold it for th time, while the woman wants to have a baby. Read more from Dr Jee Hyun Kim to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It allows women to postpone motherhood for many years. Also, this method eliminates various health risks associated with other methods of artificial insemination. The first stage of a new method of treatment of infertility is a sampling of ovarian tissue samples using arthroscopic surgery.

Next ovarian tissue frozen and stored until such time as the woman does not want to conceive a child. Then the immature egg with hormonal drugs are brought to a mature level is used for artificial fertilization. According Reproduction, this method will be very useful in the treatment of infertility due to the fact that patients can avoid the daily administration of hormonal preparations used for ovulation stimulation. Hormones, in turn, can cause severe complications and in some cases even fatal if hyperstimulation syndrome. The new method may cause an ethical problem – he takes the process Human Reproduction even deeper into the artificial space laboratory. Doctors one of the centers of infertility treatment in London, working on a new method, claim that the various elements of this method is used, but out to complete the entire process will take some time. At this time, women, cancer patients will be able to retain a portion of the ovaries prior to anti-cancer treatment. Scientists previously managed to produce an egg from ovarian tissue in the lab, but this process is still under research and not used in the successful treatment of infertility.

Audiology Problems

All we as a society we are going deafening gradually, the uncontrolled multiplication of factories, of machines and technology we have become societies of noise and this confirm that noise measurements performed by experts and companies from occupational hazards. To music, increasingly sounds higher but loses quality due to compression formats such as mp3, as society has passed us the same, we produce a lot of noise but little communication, we are so accustomed to produce noise and hear noise from different sources that it is even something normal for us. Love of music at full volume increases the risk of premature deafness, this coupled with the abusive use of music in special appliances that use headphones has raised the number of visits by this condition. The phenomenon is more frequent among young people, because these are that most players known of mp3 and portable video game consoles use. Filed under: Anita Dunn. Many mp3 players can reach peaks of up to 115 sound decibels, which could cause deafness, something that is not specified in the instructions for the iPod together with the continued use of the same. Studies by the British Deafness Research Foundation and by the American Association of Audiology, have shown that half of high school students have some type of ear disorder and British youth at risk of becoming deaf 30 years before what their parents and this would do so in the absence of a noise by their parents and teachers control. Studies show that the human ear begins to suffer from 80 decibels, the level at which tends to lower the music, and there is a safety threshold up to 120. Some negative effects which has noise on health, are: physical effects headache, hypertension, digestive problems, increased glucose, cholesterol, tiredness. Click Anita Dunn to learn more.

Scientific studies reveal that when a person this exposed to some noise intensity, changes occur in the blood circulation and in the functioning of the heart, insomnia, loss of hearing ability. For example, in the United States it is estimated that approximately 1,000,000 of workers have serious hearing problems due to high levels of noise and vibration in their psychological effects workplaces stress, irritability, depressive symptoms, lack of concentration. For example, workers in noisy workplaces, such as iron foundries, have more emotional problems than the of quietest places such as libraries or hospitals where they have the responsibility to isolate the noise. Social effects problems in communication and isolation..


To expand the space in the interior is recommended use warm light tones. But on the bright colors or dark colors, you should give up or reduce their use to a minimum (photos). Interior design bedrooms Psychologists debate about the influence of color on dreams, sleep quality, mood, waking for a long time, but did not come to a common denominator. At this time, designers are experimenting by combining seemingly incongruous. Orange with white or gray, yellow paired with black, chocolate and beige, green and pink, what color radial combines bold contemporary artists and create a true artistic masterpieces. Lighting in the bedroom plays an important role. Very important content room with sunlight, so welcome large windows, the best French, transparent balcony doors, light tulle.

At night, the question of lighting is recommended to solve, using a soft, unobtrusive, ambient light. To create this light ideal matte ceiling chandeliers, lamp shades, elegant floor lamps, all kinds of lamps, sconces, nightlights. The main thing for these light sources – creating a unique comfort, intimacy, a sense of calm and protection from the outside world. It is important also to switch the lamps were positioned comfortably, "hand", allowing the owners bedroom is not specifically get out of bed to turn off the lights. Illumination of the toilet table opposite should be sharply directed action to facilitate the care of the person, applying makeup, etc. The most important furniture in the bedroom – a bed.

The location of the bed affects the health, vitality, mood master bed. Get all the facts and insights with John Craig Venter, another great source of information. Double bed is appropriate to place so as to be able to come to bed with two sides. Well, if the bed is at the windows, exploit the opportunities of direct sunlight, the possibility better ventilation, the ability to get a nice boost of energy of pure blue sky, bright sun, green foliage, birds singing. The bed should be comfortable, spacious, not soft and not tough (ask orthopedic surgeon) to perform as a basic function – to bed, and if necessary, serve as a pedestal for storing bed linens, pillows and blankets. And, of course, it must comply with the overall style of the bedroom. When compliance with all of the above, you'll create a room that will satisfy the most exacting and capricious man.

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