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Macrobiotic Food

home macrobiotic diet macrobiotic approach to health based on an ancient philosophy, in which food – our best medicine, along with the active work, physical , introspection and in general a more natural way of life. If we want to continually maintain the health of their family or help the body to fight serious illness, […]

United States

The Emlia doctor Blacksmith was guided and collaborating of Jean Piaget. For more specific information, check out John Craig Venter. Its research in alfabetizao demonstrates the great heuristical value of the piagetiano interacionista construtivismo for the understanding of the processes of acquisition of the reading and the writing and of other contents that if imagined, […]

Capillary Micrografting

Micro-injertos or follicular unit transplantation is the only method that exists really effective for baldness or androgenetic alopecia. It is an ambulatory intervention of minor surgery which applies local anesthetic in donor and recipient areas, thus, this treatment is almost painless. The mini or micro-injertos are extracted from a strip of scalp that is obtained […]

As Top Weight-Lightweight Even If These

How To Gain Weight “Even if you are underweight. Here are four “little known” steps that will help you to weight gain and muscle mass, even if you are under weight. Are you sick and tired of people tell you how to gain weight? You’ll probably say something like, “All you have to do is […]

Institute Veterinary

The Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases officially recognized the high value and importance as a scientific advance of the method bunker concluded successfully EL IV workshop international envelope medicine veterinary of disasters the Cuban society of veterinary medicine for disaster cases officially recognizes the high value and significance as a scientific advance […]

Astrology and Marriage

The answer gives the astrologer Vasilisa Volodin. There are periods of time, when to marry, get married and do not want to play a wedding for absolutely everyone. First of all, it’s those moments when Venus is retrograde – that is, moves on sky in the opposite direction. People, combined bonds of marriage at this […]

Female Beauty

Why is this happening? It is known that the beauty, shape, structure, skin, hair, nails and even the structure of the skeleton are determined by how many female hormones produced, and the proportions in which they are stored in the body. Not all women hormones are harmless – a surplus of one form of estrogen […]

Classic Water

The attack of the infectado vector generally occurs during the adapted day being the same to the urban environment. In its larvria phase it lives in the clean water and stop, in the water stored for domestic use, or in any place where it has accumulated clean water. It does not have transmission for direct […]

Breast Cancer Treatment

It specifically deals with the treatment of the cancer of breast in Porto Velho and aims at to the conditions of the public health (in the definitive field), the treatment, and difficulties faced for the women to be treated in the city of Porto Velho, located in the State of Rondnia. It focuses to facilitate […]

Another Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Infertility

British doctors have invented a method for growing human eggs in the laboratory from samples of ovary, which is a major discovery in the treatment of infertility. The procedure is tested in two British clinics for the treatment of infertility. It consists of a sampling of ovarian tissue from the patient and hold it for […]

Audiology Problems

All we as a society we are going deafening gradually, the uncontrolled multiplication of factories, of machines and technology we have become societies of noise and this confirm that noise measurements performed by experts and companies from occupational hazards. To music, increasingly sounds higher but loses quality due to compression formats such as mp3, as […]

Education In Chinese Universities

If we talk about Chinese universities, life in them has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Complexes of buildings – campuses – small isolated residential areas of the city. Here is everything you need for learning and for life. This is a post office and shops (food and manufactured goods), a bookstore, shoe repair […]


To expand the space in the interior is recommended use warm light tones. But on the bright colors or dark colors, you should give up or reduce their use to a minimum (photos). Interior design bedrooms Psychologists debate about the influence of color on dreams, sleep quality, mood, waking for a long time, but did […]


The laser acupuncture is a relatively new method, which generally uses a laser beam of low energy instead of traditional Acupuncture needles, for influencing the flow of current from the acupuncture points. Apart from conventional medicine, acupuncture with laser is usually the procedure preferred for the effective treatment of painful disorders like syndrome carpal tunnel, […]

Remodelled Techniques

These technologies make possible a new art; the art of the remodelled body. But, what it means remodelled body? To remodel in them brings the idea to reconstruct, to manipulate, through techniques that aim at its physical improvement aesthetic. (SANTAELLA, 2003, p, 282). The new concept for this art of the body aims at to […]

Laser Skin Treatments

The one of the factors most important when a person is thinking about making a depilao laser is the choice of the certain clinic. It has in mind that exists people who have harms experiences when the laser because of the wrong choice of the clinic is about depilao where a person would have its […]