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Guillermo Nazis

In the cave you can go down through the door, painted fine anywhere in the house – in the floor or wall. Ophelia is trying dishes from the table, contrary to the prohibition Faun, thereby awakening Pale and barely manages to return to reality, still taking him from under the nose of a ritual dagger. […]

The Classroom

Its problem is in obtaining to concentrate itself and to understand what the question is asking for, any colloquy to its redor the flame attention, and this makes to it to commit errors some fatal times in the resolution of the exercises, perhaps for unreliability and shame, during the explanation has shame to say that […]


Eating healthy foods is not only good for your body, it is also important to keep your brain sharp. The focus in the following nutrition leans to reap the rewards of a healthy diet for the brain: 1) vegetable: the latest news from the Neurology confirm what mama always said: eat your vegetables! Despite all […]

Dr. House

Dr. House – one of the most popular serials today. Somatic Experiencing understands that this is vital information. The series tells about an extremely charismatic character, played by Hugh Laurie. Maybe you remember him for roles in tv series Jeeves and Wooster. So here it is is a completely different person – in fact smug […]

Tiger Elemetrics

Word-key: voice; ratio harmonic-noise; use of the apple. Abstract The voice is the noise produced by the larynx, producing sounds and words, putting into practice the encoding and decoding necessary will be the exchange of messages between humans. Vocal Thus, during speech, there is the vibration of the cords, but will be which there is […]