Guillermo Nazis

In the cave you can go down through the door, painted fine anywhere in the house – in the floor or wall. Ophelia is trying dishes from the table, contrary to the prohibition Faun, thereby awakening Pale and barely manages to return to reality, still taking him from under the nose of a ritual dagger. Faun learns from the fairies of her disobedience and punishes her: she would never be able to find your inner self and will be doomed to oblivion and tribulations, like most mere mortals. On the physical plane is shown the collapse of her hopes, and effort: healing mandrake root is under the bed, her stepfather, and throws it into the fireplace and mother, devoid of magic defense, dies in childbirth. Faun renounces his lady for her disobedience, disappears, and Ophelia is all alone, except for her newborn brother. Well, the geek-stepfather, of course, which systematically captures, tortures and kills all those suspected of aiding the guerrillas, hiding Torture in lesu.Stseny shows it's not that with cruelty and relish, but, nevertheless, so as to cause an aversion to the Nazi captain no less than to its color.

Generally, personally, I got the feeling that the devil and Satanism in the film are identical Guillermo Nazis and Nazism in general. That, in general, and not surprising, at least to show little interest in the page history. Well, here it comes time to pass the final test. Already risen a full moon appears and gives her Faun last chance.

The Classroom

Its problem is in obtaining to concentrate itself and to understand what the question is asking for, any colloquy to its redor the flame attention, and this makes to it to commit errors some fatal times in the resolution of the exercises, perhaps for unreliability and shame, during the explanation has shame to say that it did not understand. It suffers therefore, and tries to reward of other forms, its card index of mathematics extremely is organized, the leves does not have no ear, it writes well to devagar so that its letter is optimum possible. According to FONSECA (1995 p 264): ' ' The children with OF are normally described for the parents and alive and fabulosas, nervous and neglect the professors as, irrequietas and uncontrolled, explorativas and manipulative, irresponsible and negativistas, unstable and impulsive possessive and fiery-tempered, disarranged and disorganized, conflituosas traquinas, etc.' ' But who knows Peter truily agrees that although to present some of these characteristics, it also it possesss other marcantes characteristics, being one of the main ones, its affection and affection for that they give attention to it, then we cannot judge a pupil after to see its diagnosis medical, each person possesss proper characteristics, and us as professors we must be intent to also identify in our pupils the good characteristics. During the tests the concern is perceived even though in its feio and desperation, frequently calls the professor to ask if the question is certain, that only answers not to be able to say. It obtains excellent notes in works, but in the tests its performance is bad. Its excuse for the taken off note is always the same one: – I wise person substance, but I did not obtain to understand what it was to make. The teacher of mathematics of Peter, is without a doubt fantastic, obtains to arrest the attention of the group during the explanation, is very patient when taking off doubts, excessively possesss an excellent domain of the classroom without being authoritarian, its lesson is relaxed and the pupils demonstrate to like.


Eating healthy foods is not only good for your body, it is also important to keep your brain sharp. The focus in the following nutrition leans to reap the rewards of a healthy diet for the brain: 1) vegetable: the latest news from the Neurology confirm what mama always said: eat your vegetables! Despite all the interest in vitamins and supplements, the best advice is to eat a variety of colorful, green, cruciferous vegetables, and leafy. A recent federal study of 13.388 nurses that its consumption has been followed for 10 years, found that women who ate more cruciferous and more leafy vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, green lettuce and spinach, had a rate lower declination in a battery of tests of learning and memory. While more of these vegetables they ate, they were better made. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been promoted by its potential for helping the heart and fight cancer, so it is not astonishing that such diet It is also good for your brain.

Vegetables and fruits have antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals, are low in fat, and are generally low in calories. (2) Antioxidants: Of all the dietary factors that are being investigated to reduce mental aging decline, antioxidants have received most of the attention. The antioxidants, including vitamins C, E, and beta carotene (a form of vitamin A), reduce oxidative damage to cells. Oxidation, which can be thought as the equivalent biological rusting, seems to contribute to aging and cognitive decline. Use of antioxidants human studies have yielded mixed results. This It is in part because our diets are generally quite varied, and is very difficult to prove that the health benefits are the result of any dietary factor. Animal studies, on the one hand, have demonstrated advantages constants in diets rich in antioxidants.

Tiger Elemetrics

Word-key: voice; ratio harmonic-noise; use of the apple. Abstract The voice is the noise produced by the larynx, producing sounds and words, putting into practice the encoding and decoding necessary will be the exchange of messages between humans. Vocal Thus, during speech, there is the vibration of the cords, but will be which there is good vocal quality and harmony, we need flexibility and elasticity in the wavelike movement of the mucous to layer that depends on to air transglottal. It is understood, therefore, it is important you care will be harmony, since without it, have the poor quality sound will be those who to hear and difficulty and discomfort will be those who speak. Vocal In search of quality, the apple is seen favoring the elasticity and flexibility of the mucous, by making it to thinner. This article aims you analyze the results of harmonic-noise ratio in women before and to after ingestion of Fuji apple, through research with 28 women aged 20 you the 30 years, collecting the voices on the issue of testing with prolonged vowels (//,/and/,/i/,/u/) and fricative/s/and fricative/z/, counting numbers, among to other resources, with analysis of the voices through the Dr Speech program, version 4,0 Tiger Elemetrics, it was seen that 22 women had improved quality-harmonic sound of to their voices to after eating the apple. It concludes with this, that the apple has benefits will be the quality of vocal voice and harmonious functioning of the tract, being the best studies on the subject and its advantages in the practice of speech therapy.

Words key: voice; harmonic-noise; the uses of apple. 1 INTRODUCTION the communication is the form for which the individual obtains to express its feelings, ideas and experiences to another human being. Such is the capacity of information transmission, as much, said and writing, how much representative or gestual. Then, as Penalty (1999) by means of the communication the human beings transmit information of different nature and through different systems.