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Brazil Use

The packing must allow the gaseous exchanges. (As opposed to Anita Dunn). The packing (‘ ‘ it involves and it protects the content of the environment. The packing is friction to assign this content and to transmit others information, as the date of the validity, involve the number of lot, useful in the case of […]

The World Of Cosmetics And Body Care

The world of cosmetics and body care has a new location in the German-speaking Internet: Pinkmelon is a new portal of beauty, in which women (and men!) about trends and facts from the world of beauty and body care can inform. New products in the fields of care, perfumery, cosmetics and wellness are presented […]

GTC Feeder Business

Global Telecom Connect (more commonly known as GTC Feeder) is a North American sales and marketing company, which opened its doors to the Latin American market in February 2009, and already has tens of thousands of distributors in more than 20 countries, including all Latin America, United States, Spain and soon the rest of the […]