The World Of Cosmetics And Body Care

The world of cosmetics and body care has a new location in the German-speaking Internet: Pinkmelon is a new portal of beauty, in which women (and men!) about trends and facts from the world of beauty and body care can inform. New products in the fields of care, perfumery, cosmetics and wellness are presented in a daily updated online magazine. There are also professional and competent professional information in a special beauty lexicon, as well as an event database with references to interesting events from the world of beauty. Who will be so again wonder about the imaginative neologisms of the cosmetics industry and specifically, current and comprehensive about their products and methods to inform, has on Pinkmelon the opportunity to get tangible facts in plain English. Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid or top coat are more example, not unknown, but discusses fact-rich and informative.

Currently, the info package is supplemented by a provider directory. The Makers have reported but much more extensive plans, like Melanie Jutzi, Editorial Manager at Pinkmelon. “In the future users of the site should also can test the products featured and then publish their personal experiences,” says studied, a chemist, who has gained experience in the cosmetic industry. “Users and users can at Pinkmelon get soon not only information, but also introduce and discuss.” In addition also salons, spas and beauty salons should be recorded and evaluated. The offer is aimed at a younger audience that so far can be accessed in the form of no comparable offering in the German-speaking Internet. Pinkmelon thus closes a gap. “The beauty industry is becoming increasingly more unpredictable and we want to be a reliable, professional compass for these young consumers and on the other hand the place on the Internet where mutually consult them and give tips” Melanie Jutzi explains the approach of the portal. The makers stress, however, that Pinkmelon is also an offer to the industry, to represent. “We attach much importance to independence, want to give but also the chance and space companies, to present their products well informed consumers. Direct dialogue between suppliers and users can take advantage of only two pages.” Pinkmelon can be reached here in the Internet:

GTC Feeder Business

Global Telecom Connect (more commonly known as GTC Feeder) is a North American sales and marketing company, which opened its doors to the Latin American market in February 2009, and already has tens of thousands of distributors in more than 20 countries, including all Latin America, United States, Spain and soon the rest of the world. GTC mission is to provide to any person the possibility of starting a successful business for Internet, proven to generate additional income working in his spare time, or until substantial working full-time. This is possible because GTC Feeder opted to use the more effective method that exists today, called Network Marketing, to distribute its services and business to global market opportunity. During the last 5 decades, thanks to this business model, millions of people from all walks of life and cultures around the world already have been able to achieve a better quality of life. Currently there are thousands of people who start their own business from the comfort of your home thanks to Global Telecom Connect. For more information about GTC I invite you to enter our website and Blog.