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Piaget World

For Labinowicz (1982) the stage of formal operations ranges from 11 to 15 years of age, this period is known as adolescence (Piaget, 1964). The teenager built systems and theories that allow them to transform the world; from 12 years there is a free reflection that is tied only to the individual, occurs a change […]

Benefits Haircuts For Short Hair

Many women want to change dramatically. Haircut for short hair here in time for the place. And, unfortunately, not all exactly know what they would like, that they no longer fit. Women like to change in his style, not know exactly what for them is just beautiful. And while you will not find any hairstyle […]

Gesine Lotzsch

In total, as both Wulff and the other speakers, recalled it at least 136 people died when they tried to escape to West Berlin. However, Wulff for the dead are not the only victims of the wall. Behind them, there were millions of people who had to give up a life in freedom, the President […]