Postgraduate Medicine

These systems are not yet fully developed, they will only pass setup. Therefore, the infant soon learns easily half the sugar of milk in the form of glucose, the other half, galactose is converted into glucose, only when the body will require this. It's like a reserve, for example, case, if it is not time to put to the breast. Details can be found by clicking Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. or emailing the administrator. Ability to process galactose into glucose to the extent that, as the case may be, remains a child until he suckles. After weaning, the gene responsible for this process stops working.

Just as no longer being produced by renin in other mammals. Or the gene is so depressed that this process is virtually no effect, ie an adult can not rework galactose into glucose. Here and there is a problem: When adults consume dairy products, glucose, contained in them, easy to digest their body, but with galactose the body does not know what to do. Organism should it somewhere easy to see, and then he begins to store, that is, debug it, wherever it is easiest to do: in the skin or under the skin (cellulitis), and it also debug it in the eye, and then begins to form cataract. Erwachsene mit hoher Laktase-Aktivitat, die grosse Mengen an Milch verzehren, leiden unter Galaktoseproblemen, Ansammlung von Galaktitol in der Augenlinse und grosserer Gefahr, Altersstar zu entwickeln. Postgraduate Medicine 1994; 95 (1): 115 In this passage it is said that adults who eat a lot of milk with a high content of lactose, galactose suffer from an issue of accumulation of galactose in the eye lens and have a greater risk of developing senile cataracts.

Holistic Paradigm

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master RAMON GALLEGOS Y For the holistic paradigm, Miriam Rojas Carmina Salcido, Culiacan 2009 holistic education of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is a comprehensive process to restructure education in all its aspects, as a new paradigm provides us with a comprehensive framework based on the best of human knowledge, arts, sciences, traditions and spirituality, which results in transdisciplinarity. It is considered the new educational paradigm for the twenty-To develop an integrated concept of this new educational paradigm is to assimilate every one of the foundations that support this new way of life, because not only should be taught in classrooms but for various areas of our life, the holistic education including academics but not limited to academic training, it is not only a cognitive process to learn new concepts or theories is not merely intellectual training, as the curriculum is life. "Education is holistic a process of becoming aware that the world is a unity, an interdependent whole, is based on a deep devotion to life and the potential inherent in human nature. "Essentially the heart of holistic education is spirituality, is a distinctive feature that differentiates it from other educational visions that deviate from the true foundation of the human spirit, which can be characterized by kindness, solidarity, harmony, tolerance, patience, dialogue, compassion, peace, itself, is universal love to be inherent in the behavior of planetary beings who walk in the future of this new century. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is full of insight into the issues. "holistic education is the recognition of universal love as fundamental educational reality.