Everything else is way, what people worship here. The dual reality of the universe, which consists of things and space (things and vacuum), is also ours. A human life healthy balanced and fruitful is a dance between two dimensions that make up reality: shape and space. The majority of people are so identified with the dimension of the shape, the perceptions of the senses, thoughts and emotions, which lack the other half vital. His identification with the way keeps them trapped in ego. What we see, hear, feel, feel or think is only half of the reality, so to speak. It is the way. Jesus spoke in his teachings in the world, while the other dimension is the Kingdom of heaven or eternal life.

In the same way that space makes it possible that all things exist, and in the same way as without silence there would be no sound, cannot exist without the vital dimension report which constitutes the essence of who we are. We could speak of God if we had not abused both the word. But prefer to speak of being prior to existence. The existence is form, content, what happens. The existence is the stage of life; Being is the backdrop, so to speak. The collective illness of humanity lies in that people are so immersed in the events, so hypnotized by the world of forms fluctuating, so enthralled in the contents of their lives, who have forgotten the essence, what is regardless of the content, form and thought. They are so mired in time who have forgotten eternity, which is your origin, your home and your destination.

Eternity is the living reality of what we are. Some years ago, while in China, I stumbled with a stupa at the top of a mountain near Guilin. I had a few engraved gilded letters whose meaning I consulted my host. Means Buddha, I replied. Why are there two characters instead of one? asked. One means man and the other not. The two together mean Buddha. I was stunned. The representative character of Buddha contained all the teaching of the Buddha, and for those who had eyes to see, contained the secret of life. Those are the two dimensions that make up reality, what is and what is not: i.e. the recognition that we are not the way. Original author and source of the article

Eye Laser Surgery

Glasses and contact lenses are cheap and a quick fix for poor eyesight, but through the development of the eye laser surgery is a permanent solution. Glasses and contact lenses are not at all popular. They can be an additional stress factor in everyday life, first and foremost, if you get lost or break, what if people make too often. The alternative is a laser eye surgery. This historic breakthrough in science reflects the quality of life people with eye, after which they yearn. One of these alternatives is the LASIK treatment, the most popular eye laser method. LASIK stands for laser-Asssited in-situ-Keratomileusis and currently is the world’s most widely used method to improve the view.

The success rate is consistently high for all values. A cold beam of light from an excimer laser is used, with which the cornea of the eye is gently reshaped at the LASIK surgery. One of the advantages of this method is that it takes only 10 minutes and both eyes can be treated at the same time. Also, a few people in the days after the surgery about discomfort report after LASIK, as compared to other methods. The LASIK surgery has proven itself worldwide by millions of people. There are many scenarios where glasses and contact lenses are an obstacle, which must no longer be the case in everyday life.

People with infants about must no longer are looking in the dark for her glasses, if they have to get up at night. The eye laser treatment has been proven in other areas, such as work or exercising, and can save even a career. Pilots must have perfect vision, and glasses or contact lenses could prevent them from carrying out their profession, because there are limits for the vision. A LASIK treatment could allow the dream of many pilots and allow them to pursue their career. The achievements in this field of science are important and make a big difference in the lives of many people. The LASIK treatment allows a life without glasses and Contact lenses. Karoline Sanam

The Average

The high number of qualities and prices would emphasize LEICA Ultravid 8×32, Swarovski SLC 8×30, 8×30 ZEISS VICTORY FL. The average series offers more affordable models, without sacrificing quality: SKYHAWAK STEINER 8×30, 8×32 FORESTA VIXEN. Another option, middle, is made up of eight models with increases of 42 mm front lenses. This series is more luminous (L: 5.25) than the previous comparable power, weight and similar or slightly higher. In the high-end highlight LEICA Ultravid 8×42 and 8×42 DCF MONARCH average. Finally, it may be also useful models 8x compact front and 21-26 mm lens, whose small size and weight make them very attractive. NIKON 8×25 models SPORTSTAR and BUSHNELL 8×25 H2O (waterproof), both with aspheric lenses and Bak-4 prisms are particularly recommended.

HUNTING Many of the recommendations specified for Ornithology apply to hunting, but for this we discuss some peculiarities. For general use in hunting the best choice is, in our view, a binocular mount and waterproof compact (or weatherproof) of 10×40 or 10×42, with size as appropriate, acceptable weight, power and lighting, we provide protection assurance and performance in harsh environmental conditions. In the upper middle range of qualities and prices would be appropriate models DOCTER 10×40 B (waterproof) or BAUSCH & LOMB DISCOVERED 10×42 (waterproof). At the high end would advise the LEICA 10×42, Swarovski SLC 10×42, Zeiss 10×40 BGA, and Swarovski 10×42 EL, all sealed and filled with nitrogen. For hunting to stalking, where environmental conditions are even more extreme (light of dawn or twilight, fog, rain, ice, etc..) can be equally valid previous models.