Hearing Loss Takes Medicine

Crack hard times for our ears! Every fourth young person in Germany is in danger of hearing loss. In the EU as a whole, the number is between 2.5 and 10 million people. The reason: music lovers set too loud the MP3 player, which will permanently damage your hearing. As more and more students already suffer from hearing loss, a project was launched to enhance health awareness among young people. The Internet health portal imedo.de reported.

The EU has published a report, which makes clear the extent of to loud MP3 player listening. Who is exposed to suffer from hearing loss in later years every day more than at high volume levels for an hour listening to music, a high risk. According to the report, five to ten percent of 50-100 million users are affected. Project aims to increase awareness of your own hearing the maximum volume of the devices should be compared with a plane that runs in the immediate vicinity. Which many young people are not even aware.

In April of this year was the project Earaction”launched by the University of Munich, in cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of health. The project was launched in the life, because already now more and more students are suffering from hearing loss. The campaigns to motivate a more conscious handling of the own hearing. With the increase of the volume the risk of hearing loss in the EU is, the volume rises limited at 100 decibels, hearing damage but starting at 85 decibels. With each increase the volume by three decibels increases the risk of hearing loss by ten times. Built-in volume limits often refer to the supplied headphones, in other portable music devices of protection often doesn’t work anymore. If one takes this value as a backdrop, young people are likely to listen to music only 15 minutes per day without to be expected later with impairments”, Bernhard Kurz said from the University of Munich. Future hearing loss are likely: Noise takes to In the coming year in the leisure wants the EU advice, how consumers are protected can be. That should be done firstly by taking precautions on the part of the consumer, on the other hand technical possibilities are to be implemented. Background of the EU study was the recognition that noise, the people are facing in the leisure, are now more dangerous as noise in the workplace. Also increasing the proportion of people who are on the go with MP3 players. Already, young people can suffer hearing loss. A driver’s license for DJs to prevent loud music. Please inform the imedo health news.

Angina Folk Remedies

Angina – a disease of the categories of infectious-allergic, which is accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils. The causative agent of this disease is mainly hemolytic streptococcus group A. The reason for infection is transmitted airborne, the consumption of food or drink in direct contact. Angina is caused by hypothermia, usually in the colder seasons – spring and autumn. It is worth adding that this disease can be a manifestation of diseases such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, influenza, whooping cough, as well as certain blood diseases. Symptoms of angina are known to everyone: high body temperature (39 – 40 C), sore throat when swallowing, red mucous membrane of the throat, enlarged palatine tonsils, and sometimes, pain in the joints. Proper treatment demonstrates the result – recovery of a man in 5-7 days.

The most effective and proven by me personally popular recipes against angina: Propolis – effective remedy for angina at any stage. Use a piece of propolis size in centimeters and a good chew it after meals. The day before, it is desirable to eat about 5 grams of propolis. Remember that a normal propolis causes burning in the mouth numbness and weakness of the language. Maybe use it at night – should put a piece of plant on the cheek for 1 night. Nice assists the following recipe: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of boiling water and boil the solution in for 1 minute. Cool and rinse it with broth throat 2 – 3 times a day. Or here is this: Mix 1 cup of honey with half a glass of lemon or cranberry juice.

Boil and drink it every 5 minutes to 1 teaspoon for a few days. As well as this recipe: four parts of the leaves of the medicinal sage, nettle leaves, bark, English oak, sweet flag calamus rhizome – five parts. Pour this mixture with 1 liter of water, boil for half an hour, then drain and rinse with this mixture throat with angina. In case you have not yet affected by the disease, but you feel its approach, it is recommended to chew half a lemon peel, with no eating in the for one hour. Then repeat this procedure every 3 hours. You can also suck a lemon cut into thin slices. This procedure is repeated every hour until you feel better. Lemon can be replaced with a 30% solution citric acid, and rinse their throats in an hour during the day.