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Modern Plastic

Nowadays, plastic surgery has achieved great heights. Look at an example of excess fat. Ten years ago, in order to remove the wrinkles on your stomach, you had to sit on a diet or exercise to perform complex and drink tablets. Now everything was different, similar results can be achieved easily. Liposuction can help remove […]

Plastic Surgery And You

These days, plastic surgery is often much maligned, and while the apparent levity with which at times are almost an epidemic and its spread rate may seem rather worrying, the benefits of plastic surgery can be easily overlooked. While there are an overwhelming amount of several horror stories of plastic surgery in the press, the […]

Malignant Tumors

Of all malignant neoplasms in the proportion of upper respiratory tract accounted for 23% of men – 40%, with predominant laryngeal cancer. 65% of all tumors of upper respiratory tract revealed in disrepair. 40% of patients die without having lived, and 1 year after diagnosis. In patients with laryngeal cancer was misdiagnosed in 34%, throat […]


Rostand’s play “Cyrano de Bergerac ‘, namely the nose has played a tragic role in the life of the hero. Cyrano’s love for a woman sublime, but rejected, misunderstood and turns into genuine drama. And all because of what? Only because of excessive long nose. We do not randomly remembered this comic story, and it […]

Medicinal Herbs

German swear by arnica, Sage and co. The Sage candy cough or the steam of roasted fennel seeds against colds. The Germans trust on the forces of nature. In the past year about Germans spent 1.45 billion euros for natural remedies. The online news portal presents the most popular plants from the garden of […]

Surgery Risks

The violation of the Auklarungspflicht may constitute a claim for damages by law, doctors are obliged to educate their patients about the risks of any surgery. Before surgery a patient must be clarified so by his physicians, he agrees in the operation or type of intervention and what these risks as far as these are […]

Eye Surgery For Better Vision

Using who get by eye surgery the vision for an eye laser operation decides which arise inevitably many questions which we would like to try to clarify here. This surgery involves correction of vision of the eye with the help of a sensitive laser beam. So that the existing limitations of vision can be corrected, […]

More Effective Cosmetic

Cosmetic surgery has now become safer and more effective than ever before. There has been vast growth in this field in the recent times and allowing limitless advance in medical surgery, be it the face, body or hands or legs. This is however, very expensive. Many people will require loans for cosmetic surgery and this […]

Loans For Surgery: A Very Good Support

There are people who spend sleepless nights as they cannot secure fund which they need for surgery. They the search for financial help in the form of loans which should suit with their purpose of cosmetic surgery. There are people who spend sleepless nights as they cannot secure fund which they need for surgery. They […]

Laser Medicine August

Individual questions direct, competent responses by expert Dr. UTA Castle Hall with Macrolane body shaping causes immediate, discreet results without long downtime or expensive surgery. But what treatments may be accomplished with Macrolane? Am I eligible for this treatment? What should I do? How long does the effect? The expert chat: 24 August September 03, […]