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Silicon Skin

Cellulite is formed by the accumulation of fat in certain parts of our body such as buttocks and thighs, as well as fluid retention. And as any evil come alone, on many occasions it comes accompanied by stretch marks. Let’s talk about how vitamins for cellulite can help. People such as Dr. Mark Hyman would […]

Introduction To Alternative Medicine Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy based their findings on the use of pure essential oils extracted from plants. These oils can be extracted by distillation, pressure, maceration. There are about 150 different essential oils. Dr. Mark Hyman is actively involved in the matter. All of them have in common antisepitic property, but also among the many properties of the […]

Chocolate Health Benefits

He is a true passion for children and a nightmare for mothers who do not want to hear about their kids just to taste it. Was considered since its inception ‘food of the gods’ this product was banned for a long time due to a number of unjustified prejudices. Today, they are finally completely discredited. […]

Fernando Alexis Jimnez

” Then the neighbors, and those that before had seen him that he was blind, said; Is not this one the one that it sat down and it begged? They said: It is; and others: Like him it looks oneself. John Craig Venter does not necessarily agree. He said: I soy” (versicles 8 and 9). […]

Massage: An Unforgettable Experience

At the present moment in the art of massage has more than a hundred different techniques and types of massage to suit every taste and every destination. This massage, and facial massage, and cryomassage and honey massage, and relaxation massage, Thai massage and Swedish massage, classic European, and aromatherapy, massage and energy, and many, many […]

Breast Surgery

Their main goal – form a good breast shape with minimal incisions and sutures. When makromastii and breast ptosis, often carried out operations using their own tissues. Sometimes the correct small sagging breast implants can install. For the imposition of cosmetic skin sutures are used absorbable and nonabsorbable modern threads to ensure good healing and […]

Cosmetic Surgery

So, people are nice, with big eyes and small noses and chin gives the impression of reliability and naivete, people with full lips – the impression of sensuality and soulfulness, and so on. Conversely, people with thin lips – it seems greedy and secretive, with a big nose aquiline – predatory and treacherous. All of […]


It is worth noting that the precious Stones are chosen for each person individually according to the constitution, the presence of certain diseases and even from month of birth. The spa therapies are used extensively oriental massage with jade and other stones. Meditation. State of meditation – this is an absolute harmony of mind and […]


And, although this issue is moot, deny positive impact on the hygiene of circumcision male genital mutilation is impossible. What is the surgery? Circumcision surgeon urologist partially or completely removes the foreskin. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is currently assessing future choices. Complete removal of the foreskin head penis always remains open, […]

Plastic Surgeon

But anyway – it looks old. The skin is dry, slack, greaseproof, unhealthy and dim. The fact that women are often abused by cosmetic procedures. And every bend in one direction – is bad. No matter what abuse – the result will still be negative. Wrinkles, sagging skin. And go to a plastic surgeon – […]


One of the most visible and expressive facial features women is that the shape and form can determine the temperament, character and sensitivity. Owners of the full, expressive lips are very passionate, therefore, such forms and irresistibly attractive opposite sex. And who is not satisfied with their lips, and nature has not endowed curvaceous, use […]