Silicon Skin

Cellulite is formed by the accumulation of fat in certain parts of our body such as buttocks and thighs, as well as fluid retention. And as any evil come alone, on many occasions it comes accompanied by stretch marks. Let’s talk about how vitamins for cellulite can help. People such as Dr. Mark Hyman would likely agree. Stretch marks, kind of Groove that are generated in the skin, form when the skin has lost its elasticity and this may be due to the lack of certain vitamins and micro minerals in our body. Well, rather, it is that I do not ingest these vitamins and micro minerals in our diet. For this reason we must be able to know what are the foods that we should include in our diet to achieve generate the ideal amount of collagen, which is the factor that keeps our skin with the natural elasticity that characterizes it. But to begin, we must mention what are vitamins for cellulite and micro minerals required in our diets.

And these are: vitamin E, responsible for the regeneration of cells and production collagen; Vitamin C also responsible for producing collagen and optimize existing collagen; Vitamin B5, also known as acid Pantothenic, whose function is the help in the healing of the skin, also helps in the regeneration of skin, nails and hair. With respect to the mineral micro we can enumerate to zinc, very important for the healing of the skin in its surface as well as its inner part; copper, which allows the body to properly use vitamin C eat, and which also collaborates in our skin pigmentation; Silicon, helps to regenerate the collagen in all tissues, thus preventing skin is gradually losing its elasticity and parallel way, reduces sagging in the affected areas. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.

Introduction To Alternative Medicine Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy based their findings on the use of pure essential oils extracted from plants. These oils can be extracted by distillation, pressure, maceration. There are about 150 different essential oils. Dr. Mark Hyman is actively involved in the matter. All of them have in common antisepitic property, but also among the many properties of the oils we can find that can be anti-inflammatory, painkillers, stimulants, relaxants, anti-hypertensives, healing, expectorant, bactericidal, diuretics, antibiotics, tonics, fungicides, astringent … They also have some contraindications and side effects that we must take into account before trying aromatherapy to extract the most out without risks, so we may find that some of the essential oils can be and should not be used on the skin before sunbathing or UVA rays, some are incompatible with homeopathy, others can cause narcosis, irritation to sensitive skin, changes in blood pressure, so there is special care for pregnant women, people with epilepsy or kidney disease are contraindicated some of the oils and children and babies will use half or quarter respectively of the recommended dose. Knowledgeable we can use aromatherapy safely in many everyday ailments and colds comata peppermint essential oil, avoid headaches with a goat or discomfort muculares lavender with a massage with rosemary, remove infections of the throat making tree garages Tea and mood up vaporizing the essential oil of orange.

With a few essential oils are affordable and easy to find, we can form a useful and practical medicine cabinet. Some of these oils are: – Lavender – Rosemary – Tea Tree – Orange – Mint – Cypress is very important that we use essential oils in aromatherapy treatments are 100% pure and organic, to obtain the desired therapeutic results. We can use them in different forms by adding a few drops of oil indicated: – vaporizer, a burner essences or a humidifier. – In a hot water bath. – Inhalation, water and turn a blind head with a towel. – With massage, mixed with almond Acito or other oil base. – Directly in some cases of burns, wounds … – Internally, in this case, supervised by a qualified professional Aromatherapy allows us to take care of our health in a natural way to and / or prevent disease. The routine use of essential allows us to maintain our defenses high and to minimize the chances of getting sick. Spray regularly in our environment essential oils helps maintain a clean environment, free of viruses and bacteria. I encourage you to learn more about this effective natural therapy and beneficiaries of all the properties that plants offer for maintaining an optimal state of health.

Chocolate Health Benefits

He is a true passion for children and a nightmare for mothers who do not want to hear about their kids just to taste it. Was considered since its inception 'food of the gods' this product was banned for a long time due to a number of unjustified prejudices. Today, they are finally completely discredited. Like something like it. And even, it seems useful. It already knew the ancient Aztecs, who many centuries ago believed that xocolatl, as they see it called, has the ability to "banish fatigue." It is no accident the scientific name of plants bearing seeds of cocoa, – theobrome cacao, which means 'food of the gods'. John Craig Venter recognizes the significance of this. However, this is highly valued for centuries gourmand of all ages product in the seventies to label the main culprit of tooth decay, acne, cholesterol, and extra pounds of weight. This accusation was based on the sometimes quite baseless arguments.

Today, experts on Power rehabilitated a favorite children's treat, chocolate has risen on the Olympus of useful products. So if it's true that chocolate promotes overexcitation? Yes. Cocoa contains theobromine – a substance belonging to the same group, and that caffeine in coffee, though, and having ten times smaller stimuli. That's why some people who eat chocolate at night, you may be insomnia. And the children? Naturally, too. That this did not happen, it is important not to eat chocolate in large quantities and do not give it at night for children, especially those of them who are restless, easily excitable and who does not sleep long.

Fernando Alexis Jimnez

” Then the neighbors, and those that before had seen him that he was blind, said; Is not this one the one that it sat down and it begged? They said: It is; and others: Like him it looks oneself. John Craig Venter does not necessarily agree. He said: I soy” (versicles 8 and 9). It is probable that the circumstances that cross cannot explain them, nevertheless if in center same you of the will of God, will find that the apparent difficulty can be constituted in blessing instrument. Everything has an intention the apostle Pablo explained that all whatever occurs, if we are in the ways of God, has an intention in the plans of the Highest one. He wrote: ” And we know that loves God, all the things help good, that is to say, to which according to his intention they are llamados.” (Roman 8:28) Why we were hopeless? Because our human reasoning takes to that we have a defeatist and negative perspective than happens ours around.

What waits for God? That there is in us a delay patient, trusting and had with faith in Him. The Word says: ” But you are santo, you that you live between the praises of Israel. In you they waited for our parents; they hoped, and freed you them. They cried out, and they were freed; they trusted you, and they were not avergonzados.” (Psalm 22:3 – 5) God is not the culprit of whatever happens to him, but I can say something to him: God can become the creator so that a change in the circumstances takes place that happen with their life. It is arranged to hope in God? Now, if it wishes that we help him to intercede in oration, does not doubt in writing to us.

Cosmetic Surgery

So, people are nice, with big eyes and small noses and chin gives the impression of reliability and naivete, people with full lips – the impression of sensuality and soulfulness, and so on. Conversely, people with thin lips – it seems greedy and secretive, with a big nose aquiline – predatory and treacherous. All of these conclusions are often false, but to change the existing stereotypes or combat their effects, it is virtually impossible. No less important is the effect of first impressions, which are known can not produce a second time. Research psychologists, for the perception of a new acquaintance rather than seconds. Further opinion about a person will be 80% fit and based on first impressions, therefore develops in demand in this image psychology. And if there is disharmony between the inner sense of self and what a sensation is created by your appearance if you looked at yourself in the mirror, you see another Rights inconsonant with your true nature, then in this case justified a certain correction. Just keep in mind that here we are talking about achieving harmony rather than to transform yourself thoroughly, and not on change through the exterior of his own ideas about themselves.

There is another mental phenomenon, making cosmetic surgery an indispensable weapon of reaching an agreement with yourself. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Mark Hyman. It lies in the fact that young people 25-30 years feel in accordance with their age, but after 30 years – a direct correlation there – and, as a consequence, the psychological age, some people began to lag behind the biological. Many in the 60 years of age say that heart they are still 20. And then the desire to look young and beautiful is the natural adaptation mechanisms of the psyche, as a youth – the ability to take risks, to change, set goals and achieve them, opposed to old age. Our ancestors, especially women, as a sensitive and committed to the issue of bridging the apparent confusion in the form of wrinkles and double chins, have always tried to make the appearance of correspond to the inner feelings. Let us recall the Russian national costumes: women aged blind forehead wrinkles special nalobnikom, and chin – a handkerchief or neck ornaments. In today's world for such changes, more people are turning to plastic surgery, which allows you to make changes on an unprecedented scale.

But in deciding to have cosmetic surgery, it is important to know and consider some points. Very often, the change of facial shapes and figures carried a man hoping to radically change their lives. Some patients find the root cause of their life failure defects appearance and therefore believe that it is worth slightly raise the tip of the nose or make a pie facelift – and everything will be different, start a new life. Such people impose on plastic surgery for excessive expectations: they expect magical transformation and global social impact in their personal lives. In this case, they will be disappointed, which can lead to frustration, wrong surgery, the surgeon is not enough skilled and well on. It is therefore important to understand what you really want? What's stopping you feel happy? Since people have no idea exactly what he expects from the surgery, or to assign it inappropriate Hope will not be satisfied with her result. So, I – for change of appearance with a single purpose: to have the body in harmony with the soul.


And, although this issue is moot, deny positive impact on the hygiene of circumcision male genital mutilation is impossible. What is the surgery? Circumcision surgeon urologist partially or completely removes the foreskin. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is currently assessing future choices. Complete removal of the foreskin head penis always remains open, with the partial it is half closed in the quiescent state of the penis. Contrary to popular belief, the frenulum of the penis during circumcision is not affected. Through her pass small blood and lymph vessels, nerve branches. Excessive manipulation of the bridle can lead to complications such operations as swelling and reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis.

Often, however, phimosis accompanied by a short frenulum of the penis (however, this condition often occurs without regard to phimosis). For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Mark Hyman. This state, as well as phimosis, is not a disease but can cause some problems. Often, short frenulum of the penis when it is a lack of elasticity breaks during sexual intercourse. After that, the wound can become inflamed, not to mention the fact that the appearance of pain and blood during intercourse is very undesirable and may cause a negative reaction partner. In addition, if after such a break frenulum of the penis has healed itself, its length may not change or increase slightly, and the elasticity decreases.

As a result, this leads to the recurrence of such incidents. In such situations, holds a special operation, called plastic frenulum of the penis. It is in the transverse dissection of the frenulum and its longitudinal suturing, which increases its length. Such an operation on the one hand by almost 100% guarantee no gaps in further sexual activity, on the other hand does not lead to the above complications. Often surgery circumcision and the frenulum plasty are performed simultaneously. Complications of circumcision circumcision surgery technique is relatively simple, and the risk of intraoperative complications (bleeding and wound infection) reduces to virtually zero thanks to the experience the surgeon and the availability of modern tools and equipment. Usually surgery takes about an hour, and in 2 weeks man can live a full life, including sex. At Circumcision There is only one permanent complication – a reduction of sensitivity glans penis. However, this complication is often so desirable that the operation is performed only for the sake of it. As a result of constant friction nude glans penis of linen sensitivity of the mucous membrane is reduced. This can lead to such troubles as a reduction in erectile function and delay ejaculation. However, at higher sensitivity of the head, which is very common in the sexual practice, as a result of the cutoff duration of sexual intercourse increased by several times. Very often, circumcision is the only way for men with premature ejaculation.

Plastic Surgeon

But anyway – it looks old. The skin is dry, slack, greaseproof, unhealthy and dim. The fact that women are often abused by cosmetic procedures. And every bend in one direction – is bad. No matter what abuse – the result will still be negative.

Wrinkles, sagging skin. And go to a plastic surgeon – it's expensive and scary. Really expensive and scary? No, of course. The initial consultation is not worth millions, and you will not be cut immediately to the door of the room. Many issues can be solved only plastic surgery. And tell what to do with this or that problem, too often a force of only surgeon. Ideally, if a woman wants to stay young and beautiful, you first need to go to a plastic surgeon, and only then to the beautician.

Let me explain why. Many cosmetologists skillfully manipulated the patient's consciousness, forcing them useless in their case method. In fact, the only plastic surgeon can objectively say – this will help particular women, for example, laser resurfacing or not. Plastic surgeon will not do the surgery, where you can get by other means. But there are times when, without a scalpel is necessary. In general, I believe that under normal skin and the absence of global problems "rejuvenate" the skin should be seriously only after 35 years. Before that age the body itself works fine. But many wrinkles much earlier Yes, and in 15 years may appear wrinkles or pigment spots. It depends primarily on genetics, as well as the conditions of life. If something is very concerned about – is to see a specialist and choose sparing technique. But the trouble is that now through advertisement in the head young women hammered the idea of a perfect appearance without a single wrinkle on her face! But this is nonsense! People – not Barbie and Kena. Face without facial wrinkles, dimples on his cheeks, the same ray of eye looks unnatural, so – ugly. Generally, if a girl aged 18-20 requests to implant her golden threads or to fill nasolabial folds – a sure sign that she, rather, the client therapist.


One of the most visible and expressive facial features women is that the shape and form can determine the temperament, character and sensitivity. Owners of the full, expressive lips are very passionate, therefore, such forms and irresistibly attractive opposite sex. And who is not satisfied with their lips, and nature has not endowed curvaceous, use different methods to emphasize them. One of the most popular ways to achieve expression This part of the face – plastic lip. you on this matter and will help to understand one of the best plastic surgeons in Samara, Dr. Nikolai G.

At the moment, plastic surgery has several ways by decreasing the mouth: surgical and nonsurgical. For non-surgical methods include contour plastic lips – it is carried out using gels of acid: the lips injected gel. This type of Heightening the lips held under anesthetize and it only takes 30 minutes. Surgical techniques – conducted through a process designed to increase or decrease of the lips, change their shape by means of implants or own tissues.

Just here include the implantation of your own fat cells (lipofilling). Surgical procedures used to correct defects, scars, deformities and reduction. Plastic surgeon emphasis on the gels based on c acid as the most effective and safest way. At the moment, Clinic ofPlastic Surgery NG uses a contouring. This method makes it possible to make any form of the lips, the wishes of the patient z with virtually no risk of complications. This type of plasticity has the effect of 12-18 months, if temporary materials used for filling. Most popular products for plastics lips – this is . They will make your lips irresistible. Girls, be nice and charming.