Medical History

People should also take into account whether your body resists and It responds well to this drug. On your visit you should ask the doctor to give you a summary of your medical history. This will be very necessary because you must present it to your surgeon before the surgery is performed. But not only the physical health that should be controlled, since it is also necessary that the person prepared emotional shape to carry out surgery. You must take into account that many times things cannot leave as waiting, and the patient must be prepared to overcome such a situation. In addition you should also be aware that after the operation must go through the recovery period, which prevents him from performing several tasks. He has caused many patients, the defect of your body, a disorder so big that will not let them see with cosmetic surgery, you may not get expected results. He goes into operation with an illusion, who may never make real process.

This can bring depressive problems. It is very important that the person is in perfect condition mental to understand all this. If for some reason you do not meet any of the requirements required, it is best you do not try. Many surgeons to detect the problem, directly not approve surgery since they don’t want to take risk, you do it for your own safety. But on the other hand there are others that if they risk, you should be aware that seriously endangers their health. Wait a while, again carried out studies to check their State of health at that time, and perhaps now if able to do so.