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The States

“The pitcher goes as long as the fountain, until it breaks.” Like the will virtually look is just to imagine, because here strong emotions will come to fruition. The States that are no longer able to meet their obligations, with the existing budgets, new assistance packages are need to lace. This will not work without […]

Liberty Lounge

This attitude of the journalists over the conduct of the right-wing is quite understandable and should also not be criticized. No problem with the tobacco industry, or: the silence of the Lambs is strange only that the journalists very much like an attack on the freedom of the press by the tobacco industry can be, […]

The Abyss Gazes Into You – Renewable Means Of Payment

The abyss gazes into you – renewable means of payment the next financial crisis is foreseeable, and comes with certainty. There is no escape and countermeasures are diminishing effect. The trigger of this apocalyptic financial disaster is the high, insurmountable barrier of the Government debt worldwide. He would be somewhat reassured, largely as a seriously […]