The States

“The pitcher goes as long as the fountain, until it breaks.” Like the will virtually look is just to imagine, because here strong emotions will come to fruition. The States that are no longer able to meet their obligations, with the existing budgets, new assistance packages are need to lace. This will not work without having to go to the financial reserves of the so-called middle class. There are virtually no further savings in the social area, for the little people. Make new debt will be the only way out. Further savings will also no longer accept people. On a small scale, as a mini warning, that’s all already on the run in Europe.

However, another crisis will bring the barrel to overflowing and result in a disaster. The politicians know this danger, you can read it on the austerity packages. At the moment, they charge only minorities, such as for example the Hartz IV recipients and protect which is where what to bring. Taking money from people who can not defend themselves and are already too depressed and therefore gagged. Helplessness and powerlessness is spreading and is partly already widespread disease. The middle class, the to the Time is still relatively spared and must accept only small permanent losses of real income is the last possibility of money to come. The actual capital, where you could sit on, will be not accessible, because it is flexible and will withdraw the access.

If a new crisis and that comes, the financial thumb screw on the middle class are created and happens also on their reserves, which already about Hartz IV today to a small extent, with still weak opposition, then it is with fun. This must seem so logical. There is no other way in our financial system, in which you must generate unforeseen expenditure somewhere. Our financial system is a system of Exchange and thus has no real added value or value added, and reserves were never made.

Liberty Lounge

This attitude of the journalists over the conduct of the right-wing is quite understandable and should also not be criticized. No problem with the tobacco industry, or: the silence of the Lambs is strange only that the journalists very much like an attack on the freedom of the press by the tobacco industry can be, namely kritik – and without comment. The most bizarre example of this is the “liberty Award” of the Reemtsma group. Precisely in the name of freedom of the press, a highly selective control of approved journalists according to the usefulness for the tobacco industry is made. The website of the German Association of journalists is a modestly silent to this appropriation of journalists for the interests of the tobacco lobby network. Learn more at: Bruce Shalett. Also in this year a goodly number of senior journalists at the Grand has gathered on the evening of 17 may, Hyatt Berlin, to dining at the expense of the Reemtsma group once so really lavish, and without regard to any To health and safety laws in the “Liberty Lounge” smoke. None of the invited media and representatives of the press has complained about the muzzle related, no one noticed negative, that film and TV crews were excluded. It may sound, perhaps slightly sarcastic, when someone brings up understanding that the prize money of 15,000 euro and the recognition related may be increasing a hard-boiled professional journalists to head. When such a sum could get in temptation, to turn a blind eye – the noble ideals of freedom of the press must be Yes not always so literally, or? After reporting the Reemtsma group at the “liberty Award” has delegated his extremely professional PR staff, is, a journalist excellent for its independence save independent reporting and celebrate yourself (can), or? Only a rogue would get the idea that the secrecy of event details, participants or possible Conflicts of interest through prize money and other benefits bought been be could, or? Even the journalists who must pull away without a cent of the prize money and be satisfied only with a sumptuous banquet and the offered free tobacco, indulge in regarding this event of a downright terrifying absence.