The evangelista continues in saying: ‘ ‘ God loved. ‘ ‘ In only these two words we see that before thinking about existing you already it loved in them! its sacrifice in the cross and all the plan of the creation and the salvation had all been tracings thinking about you! It was thought about me, was thinking about all we! does not have nothing that you can make pra that she loves you more or less to God! Because It already loves in them! its such way that what It has of more precious, it gave for us: Jesus. that it gave to its unignito Son its only son if incarnated, for us it died in the cross of the calvrio, and to the third day it revived! Aleluia! This is the promise of the salvation! ‘ ‘ so that all that one that in it believes This means that you do not need to give no cent if wants to receive the salvation, it not without price some, is gratuitous! Only one act of faith is enough! To believe is to accept, is to trust, is to believe same that you do not understand! does not perish When we deliver to all the cares the Mr., It takes care of of us! Because to its angels it will give to order your respect, to keep in all your ways to you . (Salmos 91:11) It in the ones of the o release, and straightens our trails! To the times when we teimamos to walk for a way that to our eyes seems to be correct, he seems that he does not have nothing to have, It comes as a good Father and he teaches in them that Its ways are higher than ours and Its thoughts also! Then in the aid to tread in the safe way. > . .mas has the perpetual life Confiar our way at the hands of the God of love is to tread in direction the perpetual life! It is not a so easy and so simple way thus, but to each day It supports in them with the right hand of its hand. Acceptance this love of God in its heart today exactly! If it delivers to this love! It feels the love of God in its heart! Loves it You, because It is the love!