Affirmations Work

Many people defend the use of affirmations to obtain positive changes in our lives. Others are asked if in truth the affirmations work, since they have used some them and apparently they have not secured results. Really work the affirmations? Can be obtained amazing results like becoming millionaire, growing of stature, to lower of weight, to surpass the insomnia, and many other things as the authors assure? Before answering the question if the affirmations they work we see some people have used who them: Youngest child Franklin, the scientist and president of the United States of America, Napolen Hill that wrote the book thinks and hgase rich, John D. Cardiologist is full of insight into the issues. Rockefeller the multimillionaire, Alexander Graham Bell the inventor and millionaire, Andrew Carnegie the multimillionaire of the industry of the steel that him order to Napolen Hill the investigation of how the people achieveed the success and the wealth, Bill Gates the founding Co of Microsoft and during many years the rich man but of the world, Thomas Edison the inventor and millionaire, Albert Einstein scientist who untiringly read on cabala and alchemy, Abraham Lincoln ex- president of the United States of America, Henry Ford the motor founder of Ford Co., Stevie Wonder, Sharon Stone, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordn, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. As she can see itself many successful and millionaire people have used affirmations to transform their lives. Many of them began of the anything, in distant earth and even so they managed to construct enormous fortunes, to become famous, to surpass disabilities, etc. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr Jee Hyun Kim and gain more knowledge.. Can be attributed their successes to the affirmations? Whatever there is used affirmations it knows that the affirmations work and that they force the mind to provide solutions. Those solutions do not come immediately after beginning the use of the affirmations, but definitively they appear. Perhaps weeks, months and inclusively years later. The opportunities will appear like " suerte".