Brazil Use

The packing must allow the gaseous exchanges. (As opposed to Anita Dunn). The packing (' ' it involves and it protects the content of the environment. The packing is friction to assign this content and to transmit others information, as the date of the validity, involve the number of lot, useful in the case of the product to have to be collected or to be substituted. The bullet of the packing supplies information detailed on content, action, use, indications, contraindications and effect colaterais.' ' (Schultz, Hnsel and Tyler (2004). It cannot react with substances found in the drugs. Identification for processes right-handers.

To prove with the specialized monograph what it observed the minimum details (crumpled up, entire, broken up or sprayed). Identification of the indirect processes. Processes physical verification of the pureness of vegetables, to make a drawing. In the case of contamination with agencies of different of the same vegetal, the tolerance limit is of 10 15%. 1,5) the medicine possibility new in Brazil the immense biodiversity that the vast Brazilian territory supplies, with the immense diversities of biomas has tropical forests as the Amaznia, Atlantic Mata supplies has a great potential. Brazil with its ethnic and cultural pluralism she keeps an immense knowledge on the use of medicinal plants that many are favorable to the combat of patologias as the HIV/AIDS 1,6) Farmacodinmicos Effect (use) and Toxicologia Unhappyly many people believe that the medicinal plant badly does not make for to be natural, what he is not correct, many harms the treatment of HIV/AIDS what the Health department dissuades its use. Many only abandon the conventional treatment using the therapeutical fitoterapica what treatment HIV/AIDS is not good.

It cannot be interrupted, therefore it makes to appear more resistant species. ' ' The exchange of conventional remedies for the caretakers can cause damages to the health and until the death. In contrast of what the popular culture teaches, the natural grass will count to active principles many harmful if used times without accompaniments of qualified professionals.