Breakfast – The Head Of Everything

In our time on diets just do not sit very lazy. In pursuit of extra pounds, do not forget about a child we knew the rules. So, breakfast: 1. Everyone knows that the major part of our diet is breakfast. The food we consume for breakfast, should provide us with energy in the first half of the day. It should be observed in the diets. Breakfast should be rich in vitamins and nutritious enough.

It may consist of a salad with vegetables (carrots, cabbage or cauliflower, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, as they may include apples). To quench thirst, use fruit juice. Salt drink in small quantities. From the bakery is better Everything has a rye bread, though not very much. 2. Official site: John Craig Venter. In between breakfast and lunch, a snack of fresh fruit and a glass of juice.

3. At lunch it is best to eat soup made from vegetables, to make it more pleasant to taste, then add the small amount of salt and butter. Add to soup peas or beans, since they are rich in protein, cabbage and beets. You can also add the greens. In this case it is useful to look at a vegetarian cookbook. On second eat a salad of beets, carrots and walnuts (they should not be much. This high-calorie foods.) In a salad you can add a little chicken. 4. For dinner, prepare the sauce or dessert. You can drink herbal tea (Good will of the tea rose hips) or berry jelly This method of weight loss calculated on a ten-day course. After you have to make a break for two weeks. At this time, include in your diet beef, wheat bread, and other major products