Care With Batteries And Stacks, – Pollution And Illnesses

Batteries and Stacks, – Pollution and illnesses Search its drawers, see if it does not have in some place of abadonadas things, a handful of these poisonous metals there vagarosamente if spoiling. Not them touch without a glove or protection. – Danger! It does not keep to its used stacks randomly e, having emptying that reaches its body washes immediately with abundant water, and occurring irritation it goes immediately to the doctor. The cadmium, one of the products used in the manufacture of batteries with known research on its harmful effect for the health, – in the responsible Sixties as main for the illness itai-itai, that it reached Japanese women who had had its diet contaminated for cadmium. The application of cadmium in the components of batteries of Ni-Compact disc, coverings of products against corrosion, estabilizantes, pigments of inks is more common and very used as it binds in the electronic industry. The cadmium consumption was of 4800 tons in 1986 only in U.S.A., this consumption comes considerably increasing to leave of that year including other countries. About 1270 the 4800 tons of ton. they had been used in the production of batteries.

– about 52% of all cadmium they go for the aterros of garbage of the government. The permanence of cadmium in our body is of twenty the thirty years, if lodging mainly in our renais filters, the liver, and the bones cause renais disfunes and osteoporose. – The maleficent effect to the health associates to the exposition to cadmium are most adverse taking in account the ones that if find in study and research. This message if destines to the ones that recycle these products. One remembers that it is present in the dry stacks the mercury chloride that harms of direct form the recycling process, if will not be removed in the first stages of treatment.