In life, all social classes are prone to suffer from diseases, but those of low economic resources are the most vulnerable, since they do not have sufficient resources to cover expenditure required to improve your health with. Hemorrhoids is a disease that is in progress and can be converted into something very dangerous, why is good to always have around homemade solutions to hemorrhoids, which are economic so that everyone has access to it. We all know that the best solution is prevention, that is why it is recommended:-eat less food with many seasonings, because this makes the feces lose its soft consistency. -Continually, take fruit juice helps in good digestion and provides the liquid enough for a better intestinal transit. But in case that we have neglected our health and already suffer from hemorrhoids is advisable to other methods, we have:-peel a potato or known also as potato, and cut it into small pieces with a round end, giving it the consistency of a suppository and setting for a time in zone damaged. -We can apply every 6 hours a day in a poultice with fresh cheese.

-Also it is very efficient to prepare an ointment on the basis of Chamomile combined with rose petals, apply on the affected area, passing a little sphincter, because this mixture does not produce irritation and reduces swelling. -Prepare turnip or carrot juices. We recommend taking this two or three times a day, and is more preferable half an hour after each meal. Homemade solutions for hemorrhoids already mentioned, help in the inflammation of the wounds at an early stage, and to calm down when it is in an advanced stage. We must know that hemorrhoids more evolved, so let’s apply these homemade solutions, they cannot cure and even following these tips, our lives are in danger and the only solution is surgery.