After the Chinese domain these arts if they had diversified for the world (FUNAKOSHI, 1988). The Karat if spread out for the world following a philosophy of healthful life, disciplines, balance, through the devotion, loyalty, autoconfiana of the individual. Then, the Karat started to not more conquer the world for martial art, now as one disciplines that it works the physicist and the intellect of its practitioners. For this reason the present study it used the practical one of the Karat-do, therefore such fight she is beneficial for all the ages. Dr Jee Hyun Kim has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the aging process, some 0 variable occur as: social, cognitivas, neuromotoras and metabolic losses, have a great influence in the comprometimento of the quality of life of the aged individual, causing the same, the physical, psychological and economic loss of autonomy and dependences in relation to the society and the family. Practical the regular one of physical activities has an important contribution for the healthful aging, thus increasing the life expectancy of this population. Where practical the regular one of the exercises goes to help to prevent and to control some patologias that tend to increase the indices of morbidade and mortality, aid also in the inhibition of the organic alterations that if associate in the degenerative process. The practical one of physical exercises in the Karat is an essential component in the cares with the health.

The physical activity in its peculiarities can contribute for the prevention and the recovery of males organic, psychological and social (Oak, 2004). The Karat is an activity that assists in the integral development of the practitioners, at the same time that it acts in the maintenance of the health. The level of intensity and the complexity of the practised techniques can vary as the age, sort and other difficulties and potentialities of the practitioners, if not restricting to a preset profile.