And, although this issue is moot, deny positive impact on the hygiene of circumcision male genital mutilation is impossible. What is the surgery? Circumcision surgeon urologist partially or completely removes the foreskin. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is currently assessing future choices. Complete removal of the foreskin head penis always remains open, with the partial it is half closed in the quiescent state of the penis. Contrary to popular belief, the frenulum of the penis during circumcision is not affected. Through her pass small blood and lymph vessels, nerve branches. Excessive manipulation of the bridle can lead to complications such operations as swelling and reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis.

Often, however, phimosis accompanied by a short frenulum of the penis (however, this condition often occurs without regard to phimosis). For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Mark Hyman. This state, as well as phimosis, is not a disease but can cause some problems. Often, short frenulum of the penis when it is a lack of elasticity breaks during sexual intercourse. After that, the wound can become inflamed, not to mention the fact that the appearance of pain and blood during intercourse is very undesirable and may cause a negative reaction partner. In addition, if after such a break frenulum of the penis has healed itself, its length may not change or increase slightly, and the elasticity decreases.

As a result, this leads to the recurrence of such incidents. In such situations, holds a special operation, called plastic frenulum of the penis. It is in the transverse dissection of the frenulum and its longitudinal suturing, which increases its length. Such an operation on the one hand by almost 100% guarantee no gaps in further sexual activity, on the other hand does not lead to the above complications. Often surgery circumcision and the frenulum plasty are performed simultaneously. Complications of circumcision circumcision surgery technique is relatively simple, and the risk of intraoperative complications (bleeding and wound infection) reduces to virtually zero thanks to the experience the surgeon and the availability of modern tools and equipment. Usually surgery takes about an hour, and in 2 weeks man can live a full life, including sex. At Circumcision There is only one permanent complication – a reduction of sensitivity glans penis. However, this complication is often so desirable that the operation is performed only for the sake of it. As a result of constant friction nude glans penis of linen sensitivity of the mucous membrane is reduced. This can lead to such troubles as a reduction in erectile function and delay ejaculation. However, at higher sensitivity of the head, which is very common in the sexual practice, as a result of the cutoff duration of sexual intercourse increased by several times. Very often, circumcision is the only way for men with premature ejaculation.