Classic Water

The attack of the infectado vector generally occurs during the adapted day being the same to the urban environment. In its larvria phase it lives in the clean water and stop, in the water stored for domestic use, or in any place where it has accumulated clean water. It does not have transmission for direct contact of a sick person or in its secretions with a healthy person, nor through sources of water or food. Dr. Mark Hyman recognizes the significance of this. After an incubation period of two the eight days, changeable periods of person for person, clinical manifestations are observed. Being thus classified in four groups: the group of the assintomticas infections, of the fever the affection subdividing itself in fever of the classic affection and indiferenciada fever (viral syndrome), and finally the pictures less frequent, as for example, the hepatitis and those that compromise the nervous system.

The classic affection is in the majority of the cases benign and its manifestations vary how much to the intensity and types of symptoms, the characteristics of the virus and the affected population. The same one is folloied of intense chronic headache, gastrintestinais pain to retrocular, arthralgias, mialgias and manifestations as, for example, vomits and anorexy. In some cases, discrete hemorrhagic phenomena can occur as epistaxe, petquias and gengivorragias, however they can not characterize a case of hemorrhagic affection. These symptoms vary of people for people. In the children, however the affection can be assintomtica or can be disclosed as fever indiferenciada and also folloied of enxatema to maculopapular. The hemorrhagic affection (DHF/DSS), in what it says respect the form of if initiating, is similar the classic form of the affection, with high fever, nauseas and vomits, arthralgias and mialgias. In as or the third day of illness, the hemorrhagic phenomena start to appear, with petquias in the face, palatal veil, armpits and extremities. Some tests as of positive bell crank for the one insufflation can be carried through esfigmomanmetro, what it can precede the spontaneous sprouting of the hemorrhagic sufuses.