Cosmetic Surgery

So, people are nice, with big eyes and small noses and chin gives the impression of reliability and naivete, people with full lips – the impression of sensuality and soulfulness, and so on. Conversely, people with thin lips – it seems greedy and secretive, with a big nose aquiline – predatory and treacherous. All of these conclusions are often false, but to change the existing stereotypes or combat their effects, it is virtually impossible. No less important is the effect of first impressions, which are known can not produce a second time. Research psychologists, for the perception of a new acquaintance rather than seconds. Further opinion about a person will be 80% fit and based on first impressions, therefore develops in demand in this image psychology. And if there is disharmony between the inner sense of self and what a sensation is created by your appearance if you looked at yourself in the mirror, you see another Rights inconsonant with your true nature, then in this case justified a certain correction. Just keep in mind that here we are talking about achieving harmony rather than to transform yourself thoroughly, and not on change through the exterior of his own ideas about themselves.

There is another mental phenomenon, making cosmetic surgery an indispensable weapon of reaching an agreement with yourself. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Mark Hyman. It lies in the fact that young people 25-30 years feel in accordance with their age, but after 30 years – a direct correlation there – and, as a consequence, the psychological age, some people began to lag behind the biological. Many in the 60 years of age say that heart they are still 20. And then the desire to look young and beautiful is the natural adaptation mechanisms of the psyche, as a youth – the ability to take risks, to change, set goals and achieve them, opposed to old age. Our ancestors, especially women, as a sensitive and committed to the issue of bridging the apparent confusion in the form of wrinkles and double chins, have always tried to make the appearance of correspond to the inner feelings. Let us recall the Russian national costumes: women aged blind forehead wrinkles special nalobnikom, and chin – a handkerchief or neck ornaments. In today's world for such changes, more people are turning to plastic surgery, which allows you to make changes on an unprecedented scale.

But in deciding to have cosmetic surgery, it is important to know and consider some points. Very often, the change of facial shapes and figures carried a man hoping to radically change their lives. Some patients find the root cause of their life failure defects appearance and therefore believe that it is worth slightly raise the tip of the nose or make a pie facelift – and everything will be different, start a new life. Such people impose on plastic surgery for excessive expectations: they expect magical transformation and global social impact in their personal lives. In this case, they will be disappointed, which can lead to frustration, wrong surgery, the surgeon is not enough skilled and well on. It is therefore important to understand what you really want? What's stopping you feel happy? Since people have no idea exactly what he expects from the surgery, or to assign it inappropriate Hope will not be satisfied with her result. So, I – for change of appearance with a single purpose: to have the body in harmony with the soul.