Cosmetic Surgery Options Today

Scientific progress has raised some areas of our lives, not deprived attention and medicine. Currently, plastic surgery is more relevant than ever, because to live with the idea that the days of youth long gone, and the former blush gave way to the wrinkles on the face, none of us wants. Today, medicine is able to question your age, returning the charm of youth, but also enables you to constantly remain attractive and pleasing the eyes of passers-by to let this and need a plastic surgeon. Quite common services will face lift, photo-epilation, photorejuvenation, remove wen, breast augmentation. Somatic Experiencing will not settle for partial explanations. Liposuction – a process improvement body shape and remove excess subcutaneous fat. Liposuction is the nature of the methods is divided into a vacuum (in demand with little sediment, grease, destroyed places and through small incisions excreted from the body) and ultrasound (fat cells are destroyed by ultrasound, and then excreted by the vacuum). Breast augmentation – you can tell, the most popular service among representatives the weaker sex, and, hence, the most developed area of plastic surgery.

Broad popular silicone implants (before that, as applied polyurethane implants) whose introduction into the human body occurs under general anesthesia, they are often placed between the glandular part of the arm and chest muscle or under the pectoral muscle. Directly to the incision is made in the armpit or in the nipple. Breast augmentation is possible and without surgery: nowadays the market offers alternative methods of breast augmentation in the form of appliances and massage as well as special capsules and creams. Photoepilation – a popular way of getting rid of unnecessary hair. It is based on the use of light sources of high power. The light they produce, affect the melanin in the hair is available, passes the heating of the latter, and, ultimately, the destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth in this particular area of the body. Photoepilation displacing common today means getting rid of hair, is becoming better known. Its advantages are: long-term effect, a minimum of pain during process, individual selection of computer parameters based on differences in your body.