Dr. House

Dr. House – one of the most popular serials today. Somatic Experiencing understands that this is vital information. The series tells about an extremely charismatic character, played by Hugh Laurie. Maybe you remember him for roles in tv series Jeeves and Wooster. So here it is is a completely different person – in fact smug bastard, but he still can not dislike. The series literally dazzles the various medical terms, and not always clear they understood for the viewers. Of course is not in the name of the case, but in a brilliant game, the main character, but fans of the series of interest literally every little thing (: But the problem is that this has long tormented by search engines and hunt you are interested in the term. However, there is an easier way: the site metadon.su can find most of the medicines from the series. There you can find a description of the same Vicodin, methadone, or corticosteroids (and as you remember taking it, in 17 series 5 House season almost died) mri haus.ru – collected here describe the techniques of the series: mri, ct scan (also CT), pet. In addition, many will be interested to learn about diseases of the series, for example, about the same lupus, which is in almost every series of this wonderful series.