Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency in the architecture In the daily one the subjects directed to the support and the energy efficiency are very boarded, however they are transmitted in way sucinta, become necessary a study that complements all this thematic one. To understand the importance of the energy efficiency in ' ' current arquitetura' ' he is demasiadamente valid to know a little on its evolution. The concern of the man for shelter ahead of intempries retraces the antiquity (daily pay-history), through the caves and more ahead rustic huts. Later it comes the Average Age where the architecture was conceived having as base God and the church, therefore the constructions were longilneas aiming at always the sky/light. The Modern Age was marked by total changes, new conceptions and techniques. The period of the Renaissance (opposing the Average Age) raises the man as the center of everything, cultured the beauty and the sculptures.

The Baroque one can be taxed as the excess and the ostentation, the details is loaded and minute, many golden colors (gold) and the red. Seguidamente has the Neoclssico (the new classic), same ideas, however the concrete is introduced. In the Age Contemporary questions shaken architectural, permeadas for the exacerbado growth of the cities. Century XIX the ecleticism, neogtico, art noveau, work of craftsmen and the attached nature to the constructions, finally pure, clean, geometric and ortogonais century XX, forms. With the simplified summary of these moments it is more clearly to assimilate the changes suffered in the architecture and to observe that in each period it demanded and it defined a type architectural.

What it really is in game in the current architecture is the environment, the call support, understood as use of ' ' artifcios' ' that they use the natural sources.A construction can be characterized as efficient when it takes care of to the thermal comfort without attacking the environment, for example, its consumption of electric energy is the possible minimum. The comforts offered for the variety of devices that reproduce artificial climatization contribute with the acomodamento as for the planning of the projects, being valid a balance in the use. To give to support the sustainable questions, here it is that the process appears of etiquetagem of constructions, for one better understanding is the same intention of the stamp found in the household-electric ones, that allows to the consumer the knowledge of what on average the device consummates of electric energy. The same valley for the constructions, that the evaluation of the constructions will make possible, guaranteeing credibility. Explaining the etiquetagem better, it consists of two ways, the first one based in extensive calculations, formulas and tables together of prerequisite, as it unites the simulation, that is, computational programs where it can be made modeling of the construction, the referring applications of the materials and results. It is given credit that this idea alone tends to grow and to spread, therefore is one of the sources of the new architecture. Being thus, the energy efficiency search swims beyond what the welfare and the quality of life of the people. It is a subject that must be expanded to all, since the professional who works in the area until the people that usufruct of its work, thus to demand and to guarantee an architecture truily conscientious of its time and worried about the future.