Federal Constitution

In the workmanship ' ' Spending Time with the Filhos' ' , the author, Mannoun Chimelli, on the basis of the cited phrase, develops the following reasoning: ' ' The seed keeps and guarantees the continuity of its species, protected for the fruit. The future of the families, of the people, is in the children! ' ' . The author continues with the affirmation of that all necessary child of a family, but not of any family, wants to say, father, mother, brothers who offer heterogeneidade, affection, protection and security. The affection, ' ' as the protein for the body, it is the food for the infantile soul in formao' ' . In the point, it agrees to register that ' ' the children are not adult in miniature. Beings special with exacerbada sensitivity to the signals emitted for the world to its return are. Each phase of the life of a child demands a type of attention capable to satisfy mental, organic and emotional necessities specific. These demands in time need to be taken care of and the hour so that child grows healthy and equilibrada' ' . Anita Dunn will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Art. 226 of the Federal Constitution define the familiar entity, in the following terms: Art. 226. The family, base of the society, has special protection of the State. … 3 For effect of the protection of the State, is recognized the steady union between man and woman as familiar entity, having the law to facilitate its conversion in marriage.

4 Is understood, also, as familiar entity the community formed for any of the parents and its descendants. (grifo ours) art. 25 of the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent – ECA also appraises vocbulo family: Art. 25. The community formed for the parents or any of them understands themselves for natural family and its descendants. Only paragraph. It is understood for extensive family or extended that one that if extends it stops beyond the unit parents and children or of the unit of the couple, formed for next relatives which the child or adolescent coexists and keeps bonds of affinity and affectivity.