Gabi Ruth

That convinced the jury. Under the motto “My nature in Tirschenreuth” loads the communication concept of C3 marketing agency a visitors and residents in a charming way to, a part of the garden show “Nature in Tirschenreuth 2013” to be true. With the three themes of “My rest”, “My inspiration”, and “My adventure”, the advertising concept gives the right answers to the needs of different target groups. This is reflected in the logo, and the logo family, as Gabi Ruth, responsible Art Director at the Agency explained C3 marketing: “the main logo consists of a logo with three overlapping elements, inspired by natural forms of a water lily. The simple shapes fit in well with the earthiness of Tirschenreuths and add a fresh and radiant look. 3 daughter logos for the individual thematic areas are derived from there. Get all the facts and insights with cardiologist, another great source of information. A real feature of this logos, is the possibility of individual design.

Many individual and natural logos to develop themselves, but unmistakable face of the “nature in” Tirschenreuth”carry out.” That the creative team of branding agency has dealt extensively with the history of the town of Tirschenreuth, is wouldn’t reminiscent of then also when selecting colors and fonts significantly, the style of typical porcelain paintings. The award-winning team of C3 marketing agency GmbH from Tirschenreuth love to think outside the norm and so repeatedly ensures new creative solutions in terms of advertising. Our aim is always to create something extraordinary. Managing Director Thomas Franz reveals: the recipe for success of the Agency is the perfect mix of brain, gut feeling and heart. A now 11-man team from business economists, graphic artists, designers, copywriters and programmers ensures this mix. The Agency supports now also a wide variety of well-known brands at home and abroad, including KYMCO, HYOSUNG, BASF wall systems, and bookbinders rent-a-car. Information about the brand agency C3 marketing agency GmbH the C3 marketing agency GmbH makes again and again for new creative solutions in terms of advertising and communication concepts. The Agency takes care of your customers and others in the development of logo, corporate design, direct marketing campaigns, brochures, Web design / Web pages with content management systems (CMS) / TYPO3, online marketing with search engine optimization, social media marketing, product films / POS marketing, corporate films and 3D-Kinospots. Press contact: C3 marketing agency GmbH Thomas Franz Bahnhofstrasse 49 95643 Tirschenreuth phone (09631) 045 600 0 fax (09631) 600-045 29 E-Mail: Internet: