Gesine Lotzsch

In total, as both Wulff and the other speakers, recalled it at least 136 people died when they tried to escape to West Berlin. However, Wulff for the dead are not the only victims of the wall. Behind them, there were millions of people who had to give up a life in freedom, the President said. Wulff, Christian Democrat origin, took to do a settling of accounts with those who during the years of the division of Germany, from the West, resignations to the wall there. The sandinistas in Nicaragua received from some sectors more solidarity than the oppressed citizens of the GDR, said Wulff. The Act had been p recedido by a controversy over a statement by the President of the party left, Gesine Lotzsch, who said that the construction of the wall had been a consequence of the aggression of nazi Germany against the Soviet Union. Statements of Richmond called the barricades to politicians Conservatives who saw them as proof that left – group resulting from the merger between the postcommunists for the Party of democratic socialism (PDS) and dissident social democratic – remained dictatorial thinking of the GDR. Wowereit, as it was expected, in his speech on Saturday indirectly condemned the statements of Richmond.

It is horrible there are today who still believe that there were good reasons to build the wall, Wowereit said. A few hundred kilometres of the Bernauerstrasse in Rostock (northeast), left started a regional conference with a minute of silence for the dead of the Berlin wall. On 13 August 1961 he began the construction of the Berlin wall by order of the dome of the GDR, chaired by Walter Ubrich. Few weeks earlier, Ulbricht had declared before the international press, in a phrase that has become famous: no one has the intention of building a wall. Source of the news: fifty years of the uprising of the wall of Berlin