Glass Fittings

Such a leaf without a handle, can not be swing-out. Advantage shtulpovogo connection is that, if fully open two shutters, the opening will be completely free, because shtulp in contrast to the transom is attached not to the frame, and a sash. 4. Fittings This notion combined hinge on which hang doors, locks for locking windows, handles, mates locks lock, various plastic or metal lids on hinges, invisible to the opening-closing mechanisms. Supplies needed to provide a connection frame and sash, as well as to ensure tight adjoining doors to the frame, to avoid blowing off at the junction. In addition, it is fitting allows you to open casement windows in various ways: a rotary or swing-out. 5. Glass in the production of glass used as usual polished, and special types of glass, such as tinted or laminated glass.

Triplex – it's antitheft and noise protection, and glass, is made on the basis of the car: two glass combined polymer layer. Fracture of laminated glass shards do not fly away in all directions, and remain on an elastic film, protecting the opening. Specific properties are given to the glass or in the manufacturing process or by applying a his specialty films, which carry out various protective properties: impact resistance, fire resistance design, safety, protection from sun and UV rays, etc. 6. Just double-glazed windows that element from the tree, through which we look out into the street. Double-glazed window is a sealed design of two or three glasses (respectively single-and triple-pane windows).