Guarantee Of Health – Eat Properly

Lately, we hear very often from our friends and acquaintances that they would like to lose weight. But you need not resort to expensive diets, hospital visits and refusal of many products. In order to avoid any such a problem, just find a 'middle ground', where your weight and your gut feeling will be in harmony with each other. First of all, remember that our health is in our hands. This is largely determined by the food we eat. Unfortunately, people have forgotten about it. Some scholars argue that, under very simple rules that lead to health, can live to be 100 years old. Now Many people may be susceptible to premature aging, obesity, vascular sclerosis, diabetes, chronic diseases. All these problems can be avoided if a healthy lifestyle and take care of their diet. For maintaining good health food must contain many substances. With food must do the essential amino acids, their deficiency brings great harm to health. Essential acid found in milk, meat, rye bread, potatoes, etc. Calcium, which must also be ingested, and participates in the work of the heart, its deficiency leads to a decrease in mental and physical performance. Very rich in calcium, milk and dairy products. Phosphorus is involved in numerous physiological processes. Phosphorus is found in fish, milk, eggs, buckwheat. Magnesium stimulates the secretion of bile, increases intestinal motility, normalizes heart function (Sources of magnesium: peas, millet, corn, cheese). Iodine increases the body's resistance to infections. Iodine deficiency leads to disruption of metabolism and weight gain. Iodine is very rich in marine products (fish, algae). Important role belongs to the zinc, which is involved in metabolism. Copper affects the growth and development of an organism (as contained in beets, beans, peas). The body can not do without vitamins, which must also deal with food in sufficient quantity. If there is a lack of vitamin deficiencies. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not only a rejection of bad habits and regular exercise, but also subject to numerous other no less important conditions, among which the most important is the organization of a correct and healthy diet. Should be chosen on the basis of food nutrients, but not in taste characteristics. But it does not mean that you should indulge in their favorite dishes. There is always the possibility of finding an analogue of a particular product. Try to live a healthy life and watch your diet.