In recent years, the media, the Internet, more and more begins to climb topic supplements. By violent reaction of readers, listeners, viewers can draw conclusions about its relevance. In addition, the content of the speeches, especially critical, and suggests a different conclusion: The theme of "dietary supplements", almost uncovered in the media. Are not disclosed, the scientific subject matter. And those few publications, speeches of scientists of the Institute of Nutrition, gerontologists, and other competent in the subject of scientists, physicians, they are known only to a limited circle of persons. Hence, because of ignorance, ignorance of the population and heard negative reviews. Here's the caveat – lack of information (misrepresentation, concealment, and sometimes even falsifying information) and creates a population of unhealthy excitement about dietary supplements. Often, simply going substitution of concepts, and speculation on this, some unscrupulous people.

What angers people what they claims against the BAA? In clinics, medical centers, patients (or rather call – "clients") strongly recommend ("vparivayut" if literally) supplements. I stress this is happening in clinics, medical centers! Recommend expensive supplements. So cheap and apparently there is no sense to propose, or more precisely, there is no interest. What is behind this? Concern about the health of the patient – the customer? Or commercial interest? Blame the medical staff in the right Do we? They are placed in such conditions, as indeed all other citizens. Medicine was in fact commercial. However, to the doctor as a last hope. Mindful of the fact that they have, or once was, an oath Hippocrates.