How To Cure Herpes, Cold Sores, Genital, Zoster

Go from being a sociable person to a withdrawn person even in my private life. Having herpes besides being ugly and painful it is a great thief of your self-esteem and steals you. My last two years only happens to suffer from vaginal herpes. Just wanted to lead a normal life and keep my partner. With the program you’ve stopped my Herpes and enjoy a healthy body. Your help has been indispensable, I could not do it.

I am truly grateful for your help. Thanks again. Viviana Cardozo Cali – Colombia What is herpes? Herpes is an inflammatory skin lesion that is characterized by the appearance of small vesicles grouped forming a cluster and surrounded by a red halo. Is caused by the herpes simplex virus type I that affects face, lips, mouth and upper body, and the herpes virus hominis type II occurs in genital and lower body. Problems that causes cold * Initially, warmth, itching and the appearance of pink.

* Painful blisters and pimples filled with fluid in the genital or rectal -In the case of genital-herpes, lips, or other body areas. * Small blisters that merge to form one large blister. * Yellow crusts that form in the blisters at the beginning of the healing phase. * Mild fever. In the genital herpes: * Lumps in the groin. * Dysuria: difficult and painful micturition. In addition to causing health problems, destroy your social and intimate life, the continuing outbreaks affecting self-esteem, work and relationship with your partner.