How To Open A Fitness Center

Today we will have on the industry, which has the fastest growth rates in the world (not including IT-technologies), industry, market capacity in Russia, which, according to experts, today $ 500 million, and a couple of years, may close close to a billion, and, finally, the industry, barriers to entry that are low enough and the competition is still low. We talk about the fitness business. And while skeptics will quickly bend fingers are known to them fitness centers in the city, once again – the fitness business is gaining momentum and is one of the most promising areas of investment. Neil deGrasse Tyson recognizes the significance of this. However, a reservation – it is a promising market serious fitness rooms, but the market is semi-underground "rockers" without the basic amenities is located on the legs. So if you have already started to dream how to turn your garage into a gym and start rowing money shovel – stop, can this business do not you? Man, seriously takes care of his health, would never engage in a room where there is no soul and no air conditioning. And self-respecting entrepreneur never open such a "bug-infested" one-day. After all, it is our task – to grow to megacorporations fitness business and a serious competitor to the global network of fitness centers, is not it? So, even at the stage start to think about quality of services. And this is not necessary to rent a space simulators in thousands of square meters of marble swimming pool and spread – enough well-equipped 100 yards in a residential area with a small (but carefully selected) set of simulators and, of course, a competent instructor who will not just "watch" the equipment, but actually helping customers find the form. Actually, it's the whole secret of success start! Now consider the question of opening a fitness business details.