Everything else is way, what people worship here. The dual reality of the universe, which consists of things and space (things and vacuum), is also ours. A human life healthy balanced and fruitful is a dance between two dimensions that make up reality: shape and space. The majority of people are so identified with the dimension of the shape, the perceptions of the senses, thoughts and emotions, which lack the other half vital. His identification with the way keeps them trapped in ego. What we see, hear, feel, feel or think is only half of the reality, so to speak. It is the way. Jesus spoke in his teachings in the world, while the other dimension is the Kingdom of heaven or eternal life.

In the same way that space makes it possible that all things exist, and in the same way as without silence there would be no sound, cannot exist without the vital dimension report which constitutes the essence of who we are. We could speak of God if we had not abused both the word. But prefer to speak of being prior to existence. The existence is form, content, what happens. The existence is the stage of life; Being is the backdrop, so to speak. The collective illness of humanity lies in that people are so immersed in the events, so hypnotized by the world of forms fluctuating, so enthralled in the contents of their lives, who have forgotten the essence, what is regardless of the content, form and thought. They are so mired in time who have forgotten eternity, which is your origin, your home and your destination.

Eternity is the living reality of what we are. Some years ago, while in China, I stumbled with a stupa at the top of a mountain near Guilin. I had a few engraved gilded letters whose meaning I consulted my host. Means Buddha, I replied. Why are there two characters instead of one? asked. One means man and the other not. The two together mean Buddha. I was stunned. The representative character of Buddha contained all the teaching of the Buddha, and for those who had eyes to see, contained the secret of life. Those are the two dimensions that make up reality, what is and what is not: i.e. the recognition that we are not the way. Original author and source of the article