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Individual questions direct, competent responses by expert Dr. UTA Castle Hall with Macrolane body shaping causes immediate, discreet results without long downtime or expensive surgery. But what treatments may be accomplished with Macrolane? Am I eligible for this treatment? What should I do? How long does the effect? The expert chat: 24 August September 03, 2010 from August 24 to September 3 the longstanding Macrolane is expert Dr. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. UTA Castle Hall from Cologne live around all individual questions on Facebook the product and treatment answer: Tue, August 24, 2010 from 7: 00: focus on neckline Fri, August 27, 2010 from 3: 00: focus scar correction Tue, August 31, 2010 from 7: 00: focus on hands Fri, 03.09.2010 from 10: 00: Focus on defects of the skin E.g. dimples after liposuction to the person of Dr.

UTA Castle Hall: specialist in dermatology, venereology and Allergology, Laser Medicine, aesthetic Dermatology anti aging: study of medicine in Berlin experienced international consultant in the field of aesthetic Dermatology member in various medical societies since mid / late 1990s focused on minimally invasive aesthetic treatments of face user 1 hour”: Mrs. Dr. Castle Hall has a high treatment experience in the field of body contouring. Macrolane stands for the restoration of volume and contouring of body surfaces, E.g. shaping the breast or buttocks, the correction of volume defects and scars. Macrolane is a clear gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid – a bodily substance that is responsible for the water binding and so contributes, subtly shape the body and maintain the youthful volume in the body.

Immediate, long-lasting results without expensive surgery obtained with Macrolane. While the gel using a needle is injected there under the skin where the volume is required. The advantage compared to surgery: treatment can as an outpatient with local anesthesia in about 30 60 minutes carried the scars are confined to the injection sites and are therefore very small.