Lucas David Serrano

These are some of the most common: hormones play an important role in the development of acne. The teen years bring many hormonal changes in the body and the changes tend to cause constant outbreaks of pimples, pustules, etc. Adulthood introduces changes, too, especially for women. The premenstrual phase and the difficulties before menopause cause outbreaks in alarming numbers of women. Due to excess fat produced by hormones, there are products that help eliminate it and reduce it and will be helpful for this type of acne. Stress is a common factor for the development of acne without doubt.

When the body becomes tense, it releases chemicals and hormones, that over time they become toxins and waste that the body should eject. Some of these waste products are excreted through the skin and contribute to acne. Some people still believe that chocolate, sugar and other foods can cause acne. The majority of scholars deny it, assert that food has nothing to do with the development of acne, but the topic is being widely discussed and studied. So we can not be absolutely sure that certain foods will not contribute to acne. Cosmetics and skin care products can also contribute to acne, if those used are not the correct skin type. The use of products with oil for oily skin, can undoubtedly contribute to outbreaks. It is therefore important to choose products of personal care with care when you are going to decide the best treatment for your skin with acne.

Other factors, such as the style of life and the environment, can also affect your skin. Best thing you can do is learn how to properly care for, keep it hydrated, and try to eliminate the factors that are causing your skin has acne and is not healthy. Lucas David Serrano was a victim of acne. He tried to remedy your acne with many products on the market and finally found some of the methods that really work to cure acne. Lucas reveals these methods in his book miracle for Acne. Use your natural remedies to cure your acne in 2 weeks. For more information about tested by Lucas miracle for the Acne acne program