Macrobiotic Food

home macrobiotic diet macrobiotic approach to health based on an ancient philosophy, in which food – our best medicine, along with the active work, physical , introspection and in general a more natural way of life. If we want to continually maintain the health of their family or help the body to fight serious illness, our food should be cooked simply, delicious, attractive and well contain a wide variety of ingredients. Cooking should be using wood or gas. These types of fuel yield smooth continuous heat and maintains the properties of food. Electrical and microwave heat created in the food chaotic vibration, and should be avoided whenever possible.

In temperate climates, which is characterized by a change of four seasons, the major macrobiotic diet based on the ancient techniques of power between East and West, includes food category: Pulses. A small amount (about 10% of the daily volume of food) are legumes and legume products such as tofu, tempeh and natto. They can be prepared separately or in combination with cereals, vegetables, sea vegetables, as well as serve as a soup. Sea vegetables. Algae are rich in minerals and vitamins, they should apply 1-2 times a day, but in a small volume (about 5%). They can just add to soups, vegetables or beans or serve as an integral part of the garnish. Vegetables. about 25 – 30% of the diet will be fresh vegetables cooked in many different ways. Every day should eat root vegetables, krugloplodnye vegetables and herbs in balanced combination.