Massage: An Unforgettable Experience

At the present moment in the art of massage has more than a hundred different techniques and types of massage to suit every taste and every destination. This massage, and facial massage, and cryomassage and honey massage, and relaxation massage, Thai massage and Swedish massage, classic European, and aromatherapy, massage and energy, and many, many other species. In recent years, women became very popular use anti-cellulite massage. Since cellulite capsules located at a considerable depth of the subcutaneous, the only high-quality massage can dramatically improve the situation. And in conjunction with special massaging drugs, some with diet and exercise will be achieved lasting corrective effect. The essence of anti-cellulite massage is that the hands of the masseur glide over the skin vigorously, slowly and gently with pressure, thereby forcing the cells of the subcutaneous fat layer of skin to work actively and toxins.

Generally, with the help of this massage can not only get rid of cellulite, but also significantly improve the metabolism, functioning of the internal organs, enhance immunity and at the same time get rid of depression. Back massage – another form of massage and demanded a panacea for many ailments. He successfully used in orthopedics, gynecology, surgery, general therapy, neuroscience, and many other areas of medicine as an independent method of treatment or in combination with other treatments. Theoretical physicist pursues this goal as well. It is our most experienced back exercise that leads to tension in the deep and superficial muscles. Back massage perfectly reinforces the muscular corset, also helps repair damaged tissue, increase blood circulation, bring in the tone of the nervous system and entire body. And from such a massage person receives the greatest fun and special relaxing effect. There are several types of back massage.

This is a classic manual massage, pressure point massage, etc. You can also massage with massage-track, or different vehicles (vibromassage, pneumomassage, hydro). Also quite often clients of beauty salons bought the service "facial." This is a useful cosmetic procedure that helps improve blood circulation and metabolism substances. Facial massage as it helps the skin to breathe and get rid of unnecessary and harmful substances that have accumulated in it. Due to the massage to strengthen all skin layers, and also come in muscle tone. The result – your facial skin is young, resilient and smooth.