Concern in some way familiar to all. It may be a harbinger of joy, accompany the moving experience, concern and fear. But there is always a concern assessment and associated expectations and fears. Possible consequences for the body: digestive disorders, stomach problems, fever, heart problems, circulatory disorders. Impotence is a consequence of production at not really an important goal when substitute representation desires. Possible consequences for the organism: problems with blood circulation, hypotension, dizziness, fatigue, respiratory system diseases.

Melancholy caused by many reasons. Not only the loss of a loved one, but also frustration, helplessness and failure may give rise to this feeling. It is based on valuation and status of the victim. Possible consequences for the organism: incorrect posture, heart problems, indigestion, weak connective tissue, sinusitis. The thirst for vengeance and hatred are closely intertwined.

They are usually preceded by the expectations of the deceived and ruined the view. In this case, seldom realize their own state of the victim. Hatred and revenge are always directed against their carrier, even though he was not admitted. Possible consequences for the body: liver disease, skin diseases, stomach disorders, cancer, gall bladder disease. Dissatisfaction is usually associated with their own situation or self. Being unable to cope with conflicting demands, such people begin to crave change. In this case, no specific idea of what to do. Possible consequences for the organism: depression, increased appetite and obesity, heart problems and blood circulation, migraine headaches, respiratory distress, restraint and postural problems. Uncertainty, ultimately, there is always a result of reflection on the 'right' and 'wrong'. Because one can never foresee all the consequences their actions or words, some have just not live with this feeling coming from this assumption. Possible consequences for the body: liver dysfunction, respiratory disease, problems with posture, problems with spinal injuries, acute indigestion, migraine. Disappointment is always a consequence of the expectations and perceptions that have not received confirmation. The higher the expectations, the stronger frustrating when something goes the other way. Mostly accompanied by a feeling of disappointment own powerlessness. Possible consequences for the body: heart problems, acute indigestion. Jealousy is usually hides the fear of loss and fears about their own usefulness. Lack of confidence is a sign of insecurity. Possible consequences for the organism: sleep disorders, digestive problems and indigestion, appetite loss and exhaustion, migraines, back problems. Fear has many forms of expression. There is a fear of loneliness, loss, illness, poverty, alienation, death, etc. For all the fears, however, hidden fear of not cope with certain situations. Possible consequences for the organism: hypertension, heart disease, asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases, digestive disorders: problems with stomach, irregular stools, diarrhea, eye problems, and with vision, hearing loss, kidney disease. Take care of what you feel!