Mineral Oil-free And Silicone-free Cosmetics

Under the microscope: Mineral oils, paraffin oils and silicones in Cologne, cosmetics 11.08.10: specialist highly effective and natural anti aging face care, cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS, informed blog hautliebtuns.de on important topics related to skin and facial care, as currently about mineral-free and silicone-free cosmetics. Somatic Experiencing describes an additional similar source. Still, mineral oils, paraffin oils and silicone oil be used in conventional cosmetics. These are the negative consequences for the health of the skin, as well as for the environment on the hand. The above blog discusses among others the dangers of the crude oil in cosmetics. Here are some unwanted, harmful side effects of mineral water and paraffin oil in cosmetics: heat first and foremost prevents the film, which itself attaches to the skin, natural skin respiration. As a result, no cooling of the skin can occur by evaporation, which causes heat. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. here.

Loss of moisture evaporates the moisture in the skin through the heat faster, where the evaporated moisture at the bottom of the movie settles, because she can not penetrate the film and escape. Is broken on the film when cleaning, escapes the pent-up moisture with the result that the skin has dried up and tightens. This means that the skin moisture decreases more and more and deeper skin cells are strongly affected in their function. Komedogene no longer let down effect “Skin surface sealed the oil film” by allowing the excess sebum and the pores are clogged. Due to the heat and the moisture accumulation in the film, bacteria and other micro-organisms can proliferate ideal.

As a result, Blackheads and acne like skin diseases. Destruction of the natural acid mantle on long term skin condition is strongly being attacked. It is also proven that the water-insoluble paraffin extremely weaken the natural acid mantle of the skin and destroy in the long term. Other important information about mineral oil, paraffin oil and In cosmetics, as well as the benefits of mineralol – and silicone-oil-free facial cnk * Christine NIKLAS hautliebtuns.de can be found in the blog Silicon oil. cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS generally dispenses with mineral oils, silicone, paraffin, emulsifiers, PEGs and parabens and other preservatives. Instead, cnk * products contain natural, plant-based ingredients, especially high-quality, vegetable oils, like grape seed oil, Borage Oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and more. Total skin health is greatly supported by the natural oils. Mineral oil-free and silicone-free facial cnk * Christine NIKLAS is available in the online shop. Information about other interesting topics, such as parabenfreie Kosmeik, UV protection and assistance against sunburn, there is also in the skin loves us blog under hautliebtuns.blog.de.