At the accurate moment where the humanity if came across with the biggest crisis since ' ' crisis of 1929' ' , the models of economic analysis had passed to be contested by great part of the economists of this time, who had placed in evidence the referring questioning the quality or capacity of the existing models in analyzing of consistent form the economic problems contemporaries, admittedly more complex of what of long ago given the evolution in the way of capitalist production. In this half time, much exactly said and wrote on this subject, contesting the economic models derivatives of the rationality human being, in special the figure of homoeconomicus that it represents the economic maximizao of the man through its behavior when this if comes across with economic situations. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr Jee Hyun Kim. In this context and ahead of the fallacies generated concerning diverse alternative models to the existing models – antagonistic to the models based on the rationality. Some few cases had deserved prominence for its seriousness and if dealing with a content capable to supply the existing demand for coherent explanations for the economic problems of now. It enters these new models can be detached the neuroeconomia. These models can generically be called mannering economy – for all effect, the neuroeconomia is a ramification of the mannering economy. This ramification of the economy has called the attention in such a way scientists as of the market professionals. This, therefore this model interprets economic acts on the basis of one arcabouo theoretician to multidiscipline evolvendo areas of the knowledge beyond economic science as: medicine, psychology, physics and chemistry, for example. This boarding cousin for tests of laboratories practised mainly by means of the IRM – Image of Magnetic Resonance and for the TAC – Computerized Axial Cat scan. These tests search to indicate by means of a consistent one analyze of the brain as the human being reacts ahead of definitive economic situations.