Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis have shown results in recent years that can transform your life. Hypnosis is not what you imagined you: a doctor with a clock in front of the eyes of his patient, rocking until the patient is completely unconscious and ask questions or tell you to act like a chicken and PNLutilizan Hypnosis subtle techniques that make the brain believe a reality that we want to act accordingly. For example, if a parent often tells a child when he is doing homework or playing with blocks, which is a useless, that is not doing well and that is a failure, it is likely the child to succeed in their student life or work. By contrast, if a parent encourages their child, encourages, praises him and congratulated for their small achievements, surely the child will grow up with self-confidence and self esteem that you manage in your life will always believe you can get what he wants and getting their goals. These two opposing attitudes marked the conduct of a child and will condition in his actions. Only words can program, hypnotize your mind, to create a reality according to them. The NLP and hypnosis therapy is used to reverse the negative attitudes created by anchors created by external stimuli such as words of an adult, or other situations which we live. NLP can change your life giving you more self-esteem, safety to others, a power of clear communication and trust, helps to eliminate bad habits and phobias and so simple and natural.