Potential Endocrine Disruptors

Hormones control many processes in the body, for example, how it develops the fetus within the uterus or how mature our organism. Hormones are also essential for the normal functioning of the genitals in men as in women. External factors, such as stress and chemicals, can affect our endocrine system. Some external chemical substances have the same effect on our organism that natural body hormones, while others affect our level of natural hormones. The latter are known as endocrine disruptors. There are a lot of different endocrine disruptors and especially phthalates, dioxins, PCBs, Nonylphenol and Bisphenol a compounds is in focus when speaking of endocrine disrupters. Many of the substances are prohibited due to the known effects. However, some suspicious chemicals are still used for example be endocrine disruptors in cosmetics, personal care products, food and plastics, and for both these substances can potentially influence some of the vital processes in our body.

Parabens in cosmetics to some of the most known and discussed, chemicals that are suspected of being endocrine disrupters, are parabens. Parabens are a group of chemicals that act as preservatives. Used, among other things, cosmetics, hygiene products and food to prolong its durability. Six different parabens are used in cosmetic products: methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben isopropylparaben, isobutylparaben four of these six substances are included in the list of the European Union of substances suspected of being endocrine disruptors (below you can find the list of EU priorities). These four compounds are: Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben and Butylparaben. These are classified by the EU as category 1, this means, that in trials with animals displayed clear signs of properties of endocrine disruption. Isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben, and the other two still they have not been evaluated in the list of priorities of the EU. How can potentially harm us parabens and other endocrine disruptors?

Low Fat Diets

Then, she understands well that we do not have to never exclude the carboidratos therefore they extremely play an important role in our organism, therefore is through them that our cells get energy to carry through the metabolic functions (Movement). I will teach some tips where you will be able to emagrecer but without eliminating the carboidratos therefore this practical to eliminate the carboidratos alone will give health problem future. But if you to want to total make the 100% diet of the carboidrato eliminating it, will have to mainly follow the scratch in first the 48 hours since the cetnico (they are component soluble) starts to act and the hunger sensation is intense and in this hour you will only go to consume the foods that carboidrato does not have. When the cetnico to act it will use the energies that had been stored and it it will only go to act if no carboidrato will not be consumed. First I will show to which the foods that can consume, but is important that vocs they know that the diet of the carboidrato does not have to exceed the period of 30 days, the diet it must be made of 15 in 15 days and has that to have a space of 3 days between the end of the first fortnight and the beginning of the second, certainty, then we go there. Green Abobrinha Acelga Watercress Water with gas natural Water tonic Water diet Lettuce Asparagi Tuna Birds Oil Olive with I temper in general Cod Bacon Eggplant Broccolis Coffee Shrimp Carangueijo Meat Caviar Onion as I temper Carrot Tea Chicory Chuchu Cocaine light Mushroom Borecole Borecole flower Spinach Chicken Gelatin diet Jelly diet of strawberry Gin Guaran diet Jil Lobster Lemon Sausage Butter Margarina Mussels Turnip Omelette Oyster cooked Eggs Fish Cucumber Pepsi light Pepper Chili Ham industrialized Cheeses Gumbo Radish Cabbage Salt green Salada Salaminho Salpico Parsley Sashimi Soda water diet vegetable Soup Clight Juice Sukiaki without pasta Tomatoe Trident String bean.

Best Perfumes

When he arrived in perfumery, I began to try one after the other all perfumes. At the end she didn’t as it smelled none. For this reason, I decided to create this article. Meeting point for lovers of perfumes where you find recommendations on perfumes and perfumes. I hope they fascinated them perfumes and we can find on the streets (or better in the perfumeries!). Compare perfumes online at the outlets of perfumes of the network in recent years selling perfumes online has increased significantly thanks in part to several outlets perfumes on the network, their prices and their level of service to the customer. Keys for perfume online is to compare prices, level of services and guarantee of the online store. Compare prices of perfume online is as simple as surf the Web and watch several of the online stores.

With respect to the level of services and the guarantee of the outlets of perfumes, it is advisable to check if perfume outlets have several years in the market, if they sell brands such as Chanel, Givenchy, or others. Is also important that at the time of buy perfumes online can return the product to the outlets of perfumes if we are not satisfied with your purchase. Many of the outlets of perfume shops offer promotional tools such as blogs, Facebook or Twitter where you can find discounts on perfumes online and contests where win perfumes and much more. In short, there are many advantages of perfumes and fragrances online purchase outlets. Aprovechalas and purchase perfumes online.

Argan Tree Oil Cosmetics

The fruit of the argan tree oil has proved its effectiveness in moisturize, soften, giving elasticity, help in acne problems, among other multiple functions to the skin of the face either dry, cracked, normal, oily or mixed, and not only in skin its benefits have been but also in hair and as sunscreen. These properties have made oil a highly demanded product so sometimes we wonder where to buy argan oil, however when searching we have multiple views of updates and recommendations about a type or other oil or different sites that sell products based on as main ingredient argan oil us sometimes when is not certain. When we see that argan cosmetic oil is not economic because of its form of extraction many times we do not buy, for fear that it proves that we bought the wrong product and thereby lose our money and our dreams, however this does not have to be this way, if we want to buy it and get all your benefits remember some basic things, the most popular oil that is sold is oil deodorized via steam that eliminates all traces of odor of the oil and is because we sometimes forget that argan cosmetic oil does not contain an unpleasant smell as the argan seed has not passed through the digestive tract of goats and therefore does not need to pass through steam to eliminate odor thereby losing properties. When you wonder where to buy argan oil? Make sure you remember that argan oil to conserve all their properties should not become hot, therefore cosmetic argan oil is extracted in cold, recalls asking oil with cold extraction. We recommend that you buy in stores, or on serious internet sites that have way to contact them and offer you the guarantee of a good product, the essential oil for cosmetics that you purchase have four properties easily identify at a glance and easily, the smell, should not be disagreeable nor to smoked or rancidthe color should be golden nor pale or dark, if it is pale step by steaming to remove the smell, if it is dark is longer because the seeds were roasted to give smell and taste, because this oil is also widely used in cooking by what sells much this culinary presentation, however for cosmetic purposes it is better that it extracted cold feeling despite being oil should not be greasy or oilypenetration into the skin must be swift and complete, if it is greasy and does not penetrate easily could be mixed with other oils. If you follow these simple recommendations will surely will have best argan oil in cosmetics without repent of your investment to the contrary you love both the benefits that you’ll still always using. Would you like to know know where buy argan oil? Read more about this wonderful oil and the benefits of using argan cosmetic oil.

Cosmetic Argan Oil

Lately cosmetic argan oil has unleashed a great fascination in the world of cosmetics and is that this oil has proved its worth as a regenerative cell over the centuries of use in the Berber women who used it as moisturizer not having anything else within his reach, they were the scope of this elixir as a cosmetic which discovered apart from its medicinal and culinary use. He is currently drawn cold to preserve as much as possible all its properties and that these are absorbed by the skin, hair and nails to maximize its benefits, this then that many people follow the example of Berber women and to check the anti-wrinkle and firming effects of cosmetic argan oil. The best that cosmetic argan oil is extracted cold is that potentiates the antioxidant effect and provides better results than traditional oil extracted with toasted seeds, which acquire an aroma and taste of walnuts which gives it a touch of exquisite food, oil for food use is better It is swallowed crude to avoid further losing its properties, has shown that two tablespoons argan oil coffee in fasting they help to fight many diseases including gastritis, high cholesterol as well as triglycerides, atherosclerosis and prevent heart disease. If you are going to use argan oil cosmetics, make sure you buy it at a store that offers you a good quality product, is very important to always do a little research about what are the characteristics of argan oil. Don’t forget to find a store where to buy argan oil that offers you the guarantee in writing, and to work with the cooperative of Berber women that extract the oil of argan, these cooperatives caring for the quality of its product and benefit the Berber status of women within society to give a source of jobs with a fair wage. The majority of stores that sell argan oil put the description of your product, so read carefully the characteristics of the product that you are offering, this way you enteraras where and by whom it was produced, or if it was deodorized (which is not very recommendable, since in this process the oil passes through steam and removes part of their properties) if sold in amber vial or transparent vial, etc. Every detail that you can see it is important including the type of container that is in use, because if you buy a container without applicator, can contaminate your oil, small details like this, they are important to take them into account at the time that look at where buy oil of argan, as well as the amount of oil that you are going to buy. Although sometimes you get cheaper buying a litre, don’t forget to buy a metering bottle and go filling while that big bottle the guards in the refrigerator wrapped in foil aluminum.

Hair Product

The care of the black and mainly long hair implies long time and expenses, because many products promise the perfect hair to us, in my case I have used from revitalizadoras creams to comb, hourglasses, special cream treatments, conditioners and champs as well as possible to conserve the natural color of my hair. This is not easy, because when occupied oily products, had to avoid to leave to the sun or this it warmed up the product and towards which my hair bleached, in my case it enchants the dark black color of my hair and this of frustrated, I even thought about using dyes to darken it or to decorate it to a dark brown tone to avoid so many problems when taking care of it and to cut it, something that did not do grace to me. Recently it listens to of the oil of argn a product that in spite of being oil is not greasy, therefore it is absorbed nourishing weaves easily, so it investigates a little more about the subject and I have here what I have found: The oil of argn is a product of completely natural origin that is extracted of artisan form of the fruit of the tree of argn, by cooperatives of women which obtain not only the sustenance for them and its families but also education. This oil is conformed by essential oils, vitamin and, lupeol, fitoesteroles, and other compounds that grant unique properties to him between oils of vegetal origin. The oil of argn for to the hair leaves it smooth, shining, at the same time as it fortifies it and it gives health him, also it fights and it prevents the alopecia and the dandruff. Orzuela hydrates the hair from the root to the end avoiding and the friz, lupeol that contains the oil of argn foments the queratina formation, by the same causes that the hair grows healthy and strong.

Balance Formula

In addition, a woman's body begins 'hormonal chaos', as all systems are configured exactly to the bearing of a child. As a result of unbalancing content hormones during a subsequent pregnancy may be hormonal 'failure' of the fetus. Sexually transmitted infections, it is the same 'time bomb'. Long time, a woman may not even be aware of their available, but they 'smoldering', causing great harm to a female body (obstruction of the fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer). When pregnancy occurs, the disease 'coming out of hiding', causing the development of intrauterine infection fetus.

On the other hand, as a result of these 'silent' infections in the genital organs of women are accumulated waste products of microorganisms. 'Element 1. Balance Formula for Women '- reinforces the general and local immunity the female body, helps to overcome infections and their consequences in the sexual sphere. Over the last century, people went from 100% natural – to the products grown under the influence of many fertilizers and hormone growth stimulants, and even went before the use of genetically modified food (GMOs). However, in such a short time, our cleaning systems are not adapted to the increased flow of harmful substances. This leads to a gradual 'Zashlakovke' body and the malfunction of many organs. General cleaning … your body If you ask for – choose not to short, and the most reliable path to a healthy baby, try to put in order the organism and thereby create the optimum conditions for the nucleation and development of the baby.

In order to qualitatively and fully cleanse the body, not a single phyto tea. In other words, too late to sweep the floor when the walls are crumbling. You have guessed that from this moment to become a restorer own body, taking into account all 'wasted years' in terms of thoughtless attitude towards their health. For global recovery work all organs program was created 'Cleansing' Gloryon. It consists of four products – phyto tea 'Atlanta', 'Element 6. INDOLE PLUS 'and' Maksfaybera '. This program is designed to step through and thorough cleansing of the whole organism. Therefore, the release of toxins will be step by step, starting with bodies such as the intestines, liver and biliary ways, kidneys – and ending of each cell. As a result, recovering the optimal level of hormones, consequently – increased reproductive function and the ability to conceive a healthy baby. And in such a clean and comfortable 'house' is very comfortable to live your kid up to nine months. Launching a process of rejuvenation, you able to extend it and after childbirth. After giving birth late mother on the biological level, slow the aging process, pushing the 'age' of the disease. After your transfiguration can come second youth. Then the cons late childbirth become pros mature motherhood. Remember – 'in forty years, life has just begun'!

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