In recent years, the media, the Internet, more and more begins to climb topic supplements. By violent reaction of readers, listeners, viewers can draw conclusions about its relevance. In addition, the content of the speeches, especially critical, and suggests a different conclusion: The theme of "dietary supplements", almost uncovered in the media. Are not disclosed, the scientific subject matter. And those few publications, speeches of scientists of the Institute of Nutrition, gerontologists, and other competent in the subject of scientists, physicians, they are known only to a limited circle of persons. Hence, because of ignorance, ignorance of the population and heard negative reviews. Here's the caveat – lack of information (misrepresentation, concealment, and sometimes even falsifying information) and creates a population of unhealthy excitement about dietary supplements. Often, simply going substitution of concepts, and speculation on this, some unscrupulous people.

What angers people what they claims against the BAA? In clinics, medical centers, patients (or rather call – "clients") strongly recommend ("vparivayut" if literally) supplements. I stress this is happening in clinics, medical centers! Recommend expensive supplements. So cheap and apparently there is no sense to propose, or more precisely, there is no interest. What is behind this? Concern about the health of the patient – the customer? Or commercial interest? Blame the medical staff in the right Do we? They are placed in such conditions, as indeed all other citizens. Medicine was in fact commercial. However, to the doctor as a last hope. Mindful of the fact that they have, or once was, an oath Hippocrates.

Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis have shown results in recent years that can transform your life. Hypnosis is not what you imagined you: a doctor with a clock in front of the eyes of his patient, rocking until the patient is completely unconscious and ask questions or tell you to act like a chicken and PNLutilizan Hypnosis subtle techniques that make the brain believe a reality that we want to act accordingly. For example, if a parent often tells a child when he is doing homework or playing with blocks, which is a useless, that is not doing well and that is a failure, it is likely the child to succeed in their student life or work. By contrast, if a parent encourages their child, encourages, praises him and congratulated for their small achievements, surely the child will grow up with self-confidence and self esteem that you manage in your life will always believe you can get what he wants and getting their goals. These two opposing attitudes marked the conduct of a child and will condition in his actions. Only words can program, hypnotize your mind, to create a reality according to them. The NLP and hypnosis therapy is used to reverse the negative attitudes created by anchors created by external stimuli such as words of an adult, or other situations which we live. NLP can change your life giving you more self-esteem, safety to others, a power of clear communication and trust, helps to eliminate bad habits and phobias and so simple and natural.


Carver useful later and the other a chisel width of 20-25 mm, which is less sharp edge angle (20-25 ). This chisel is designed to work on her blow mallet or for rough work when you need to remove the large mass of wood chisels while promoting lean forward with its effort down as a lever. In this If too spicy and delicate chisel blade will break, and more plastic – bend. All straight chisels, especially medium and large, have rounded corners blade (Fig. 1). Straight chisel with distinct angles apply only to the geometric carving.

The line of the blade should be slightly convex. It is desirable to have a chisel width of 5 and 8 mm, respectively, made of Needle file and a screwdriver, sharpened rounded, with strongly convex cutting edge and stochennymi angles. They are convenient for working in narrow and deep sinuses crafts. The same chisel, but with a wider blade, and is useful when working mallet, when the workpiece is attached to rough shape the future thread crafts. After treatment with a chisel to sharpen its terms completely by hand in a bar, quite hard. Thus it is necessary to adhere to the rules: drive on the bars throughout stochennoy plane chisel (bevel), not to increase its angle of slope, ie, not from a desire to lift the handle as soon as possible to sharpen the cutting edge. This error will lead to a loss of angle grinding and cutting as a tool to decrease.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency in the architecture In the daily one the subjects directed to the support and the energy efficiency are very boarded, however they are transmitted in way sucinta, become necessary a study that complements all this thematic one. To understand the importance of the energy efficiency in ' ' current arquitetura' ' he is demasiadamente valid to know a little on its evolution. The concern of the man for shelter ahead of intempries retraces the antiquity (daily pay-history), through the caves and more ahead rustic huts. Later it comes the Average Age where the architecture was conceived having as base God and the church, therefore the constructions were longilneas aiming at always the sky/light. The Modern Age was marked by total changes, new conceptions and techniques. The period of the Renaissance (opposing the Average Age) raises the man as the center of everything, cultured the beauty and the sculptures.

The Baroque one can be taxed as the excess and the ostentation, the details is loaded and minute, many golden colors (gold) and the red. Seguidamente has the Neoclssico (the new classic), same ideas, however the concrete is introduced. In the Age Contemporary questions shaken architectural, permeadas for the exacerbado growth of the cities. Century XIX the ecleticism, neogtico, art noveau, work of craftsmen and the attached nature to the constructions, finally pure, clean, geometric and ortogonais century XX, forms. With the simplified summary of these moments it is more clearly to assimilate the changes suffered in the architecture and to observe that in each period it demanded and it defined a type architectural.

What it really is in game in the current architecture is the environment, the call support, understood as use of ' ' artifcios' ' that they use the natural sources.A construction can be characterized as efficient when it takes care of to the thermal comfort without attacking the environment, for example, its consumption of electric energy is the possible minimum. The comforts offered for the variety of devices that reproduce artificial climatization contribute with the acomodamento as for the planning of the projects, being valid a balance in the use. To give to support the sustainable questions, here it is that the process appears of etiquetagem of constructions, for one better understanding is the same intention of the stamp found in the household-electric ones, that allows to the consumer the knowledge of what on average the device consummates of electric energy. The same valley for the constructions, that the evaluation of the constructions will make possible, guaranteeing credibility. Explaining the etiquetagem better, it consists of two ways, the first one based in extensive calculations, formulas and tables together of prerequisite, as it unites the simulation, that is, computational programs where it can be made modeling of the construction, the referring applications of the materials and results. It is given credit that this idea alone tends to grow and to spread, therefore is one of the sources of the new architecture. Being thus, the energy efficiency search swims beyond what the welfare and the quality of life of the people. It is a subject that must be expanded to all, since the professional who works in the area until the people that usufruct of its work, thus to demand and to guarantee an architecture truily conscientious of its time and worried about the future.

Ecological Anthropology

The Ecology Human being is extremely complex, and this not if must to the fact of the object of study of it only disciplines to mention the species to it human being, therefore you discipline them to all that they study the biological populations, as the Ecology, face this enormous complexity how much to the agreement of the biological interactions. Certainly, the fact of the Ecology Human being more good to be analyzed and to be studied taking in consideration the interdisciplinariedade that must have enters the professionals of the most diverse areas becomes another factor aggravation of this complexity, but that it reveals extremely necessary for the maximum briefing of the relations of the human being with the environment surrounds that it influences and it. Demonstrating the complexity of ‘ ‘ interdisciplina’ ‘ in focus, Kormondy and Brown (2002) in its intitled workmanship Ecology Human being sucintamente evidences and explains some boardings to the Ecology Human being. The Ecological Anthropology defines the first line of referring thought to the interactions of the man with its half-environment, the ambient determinismo. Its essential characteristic is the establishment of a possible relation causal between ambient characteristics of an region the presence of specific cultural traces. Hipcrates was one of the first ones to teorizar on these relations.

In its theory of the mood, it said that the people were composed of four moods (blood, pigarro, bile turn yellow and bile black). The personality, health and appearance of each one would be determined by the balance between these four moods, which would be influenced by the specific characteristics of the environment in which each one is inserted. This would explain the biological differences in the people of region for region, as well as the existing cultural differences between the peoples of different areas.

The Illusion

According to its theory, Freud in its book ( Interpretation of the Dreams) displays: ' ' The daily pay-scientific vision of the dreams adopted by the peoples of the Seniority was, for certain, in complete harmony with its vision of the universe in general, it took that them to project in the exterior world, as they were realities, things that in fact only enjoyed of reality inside of its proper mentes.' ' (FREUD, 1900) The same parallel it happens when Cobb organizes its mind and in the dream it perceives that Badly already the theory cannot more come back, that it needs to get rid itself of these old souvenirs to be able to reencontrar its children, in accordance with occurs when it the same has incoherences between different versions of the text of dream, it can presume that has incoherences parallel bars in the original. These verbal difficulties culminate in the sufficiently frequent examples where an interpretation depends entirely on one trocadilho. In dreams of Cobb we can perceive that the atemporal term is employee well, that is, in accordance with the theory of Freud, the unconscious one it is atemporal, it does not have notion of time and nor of space, exactly it happens in the dreams. In some scenes of the film the image of the wife of Cobb appears in unusual places, without having notion of as it appeared and nor of when it appeared. In the dreams, in general, never we know as we arrive or where we are. The film sample also that object small light thus call of Totem (used device to distinguish the reality from the dream), is only form to know if world where if lives is real or not, all participants of Plan directed for Cobb, must to have this totem (object tocvel only for owner), so that they are not lost and they do not run the risk to be imprisoned in the dream, that is called Limb (last level of the dream, in this place one minute of normal life can symbolize ten years), a place where everything is possible, therefore the unconscious one does not obtain to distinguish the Real from the illusion.

Natural Dog Shampoos

Itching is one of the most irritating sensations for a dog! Itching can be caused by a large number of factors that make nerve endings in the surface of the skin is irritated. Recent experiments have shown that the animal body is covered by points of itching, (small spots of skin that convey a sensation of itching when they are touched lightly). A tickling can evoke only of superficial layers of skin and the soft scratching is one of the best ways to relieve itching. The natural way there is much you can do naturally to help relieve the itching for your dog. Try not using harsh detergents on the bed of your dog and do not feed them with human treats. Always dry your dog properly after a swim or a bathroom and never use shampoos or human cosmetics in their animals. There is a herbal shampoo for natural cleansing for dogs using only proven, natural ingredients, supporting a deterrent effect residual anti-mosquito, anti-pulga, and anti-mosca while cheering the skin and supports the healthy layers. There is much evidence to suggest that the use of carefully chosen herbal ingredients may help support overall health.

Along with the right of lifestyle options, herbal remedies can make a difference in the health of your pet. ** Oil of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis l.) contains caffeic acid and rosmarinic, that have been investigated for their antioxidant activity and its therapeutic potential. Indian J Exp Biol 1999; 37 (2): 124-130.) This herb also has been investigated for its effects of support on the growth of the hair. (There are, i. C., Jamieson, M., and Ormerod, a. D.

Randomized trial of aromatherapy. Successful treatment for alopecia areata. Arch Dermatol. 1998; 134 (11): 1349-1352). The tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) contains cineole 1.8, terpinen-4-ol, alfaterpineol, and gamma-terpinen.

Lucas David Serrano

These are some of the most common: hormones play an important role in the development of acne. The teen years bring many hormonal changes in the body and the changes tend to cause constant outbreaks of pimples, pustules, etc. Adulthood introduces changes, too, especially for women. The premenstrual phase and the difficulties before menopause cause outbreaks in alarming numbers of women. Due to excess fat produced by hormones, there are products that help eliminate it and reduce it and will be helpful for this type of acne. Stress is a common factor for the development of acne without doubt.

When the body becomes tense, it releases chemicals and hormones, that over time they become toxins and waste that the body should eject. Some of these waste products are excreted through the skin and contribute to acne. Some people still believe that chocolate, sugar and other foods can cause acne. The majority of scholars deny it, assert that food has nothing to do with the development of acne, but the topic is being widely discussed and studied. So we can not be absolutely sure that certain foods will not contribute to acne. Cosmetics and skin care products can also contribute to acne, if those used are not the correct skin type. The use of products with oil for oily skin, can undoubtedly contribute to outbreaks. It is therefore important to choose products of personal care with care when you are going to decide the best treatment for your skin with acne.

Other factors, such as the style of life and the environment, can also affect your skin. Best thing you can do is learn how to properly care for, keep it hydrated, and try to eliminate the factors that are causing your skin has acne and is not healthy. Lucas David Serrano was a victim of acne. He tried to remedy your acne with many products on the market and finally found some of the methods that really work to cure acne. Lucas reveals these methods in his book miracle for Acne. Use your natural remedies to cure your acne in 2 weeks. For more information about tested by Lucas miracle for the Acne acne program

Creating Spaces

One never realizes how to do things with the passing of the years. By order and practicality issues I’ve learned to not be cachivachera and delete everything that I no longer use. However, this task of elimination is not so easy and either books, shoes, DVD s, or even Plush Dolls need to create the space needed to get them out of the way. A solution that goes very well with high ceiling enhabitaciones is the construction of furniture tailored to the empty walls. In this way we will achieve effective and functional way to organize everything that does not fit in the closet or drawers of the desk. Following this trend we can then create space building shelves or by installing shelves for what we need on hand as boxes of shoes or briefcases.

The thousands of books that we own and we use very little, but when we want them it took us hours to find them, can now be always on hand in our own library that goes from floor to ceiling. It is true that we will need a ladder to reach the upper levels but it is worthwhile to use the space of This way. If you have the space and resources add Rails to the base to place a ladder which slides along the shelf. Not only will it be very practical but it will give the room a good air of organization. But not everything has to be books on these units to save articles. Some of the compartments can be used to store personal items such as creams, perfumes, cosmetics. There are market options such as small baskets of straw that will serve not only to store small things, but thanks to the variety of colours will also serve to decorate the room. It defines need to organize and choose the unit that will help you save space and keep everything in its place.

Radiation Source

This is called an interview just published in the April issue of the journal "Egoist generation known in the scientific world, scientists Lev Alexandrovich radiobiologists Buldakova, at the State Research Center Russian Federation "Biophysics Institute", Academician of RAMS, MD, PhD, Professor, State Prize. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, Honor, Courage, Hero of Russia. He has more than half a century of experience in studying the effects of radiation disasters. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers. And he knows all about radiation.

In recent monographs Buldakova made of the fact that scientists have proved so called gormetichesky effect of penetrating radiation, which consists in the fact that at doses higher than the natural level of radiation increases the life expectancy of animals and humans, the frequency decreases diseases, including cancer. And it made a big splash in the world's scientific community and made us think about what we know about radiation is still very little that many details are in the nature of myths rather than truth. For example, know that the background radiation of the earth is 0.1 roentgen / yr. And, if we remove the natural radiation, in which our ancestors lived millions of years, we faint. When the experiments the plants and animals died or several times decreased their weight, they ceased to multiply.

As soon as the increased radiation exposure to natural background and more – all recovered. Another example – a phenomenon that scientists are faced with liquidation consequences of radiation accidents, like – "panic background radiation" or "suggestion disease Chernobyl." Experts claim that 25% of the patients, according to the Chernobyl register, doses actually received. But succumbing to mass hypnosis, became ill with the same pathology, and colleagues that the "real doses." In the book, LA Buldakova and VS Kalistratov "Radiation effects on the body. The positive effects "is still a situation. In Taiwan, about 10 000 residents in Taipei for 20 years lived in the apartments, the walls are metal beams containing CO 60.Srrednyaya radiation dose was 340m3v. It turned out that instead of increasing the incidence of cancer and leukemia, there was a sharp decline in mortality from cancer, which was 3.6% of the average Taiwanese. Chronic exposure resulted in the formation of immunity to cancers. There was no information about the backlog of children and their diseases tumors in the exposed flats. Such an action is different from the action of acute exposure. The authors explained that if the amount of damage is low (in small doses) – the body responds by stimulation of protective processes. When the volume damage exceeds a certain limit (large doses), including adaptive systems simply do not have time to compensate for damage caused by irradiation. And one of the problems of modern radiobiology and radiation protection is now start deciphering the mechanism of stimulation that will affect all possible outcomes in such cases. "Nonlinear Communication"

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