To expand the space in the interior is recommended use warm light tones. But on the bright colors or dark colors, you should give up or reduce their use to a minimum (photos). Interior design bedrooms Psychologists debate about the influence of color on dreams, sleep quality, mood, waking for a long time, but did not come to a common denominator. At this time, designers are experimenting by combining seemingly incongruous. Orange with white or gray, yellow paired with black, chocolate and beige, green and pink, what color radial combines bold contemporary artists and create a true artistic masterpieces. Lighting in the bedroom plays an important role. Very important content room with sunlight, so welcome large windows, the best French, transparent balcony doors, light tulle.

At night, the question of lighting is recommended to solve, using a soft, unobtrusive, ambient light. To create this light ideal matte ceiling chandeliers, lamp shades, elegant floor lamps, all kinds of lamps, sconces, nightlights. The main thing for these light sources – creating a unique comfort, intimacy, a sense of calm and protection from the outside world. It is important also to switch the lamps were positioned comfortably, "hand", allowing the owners bedroom is not specifically get out of bed to turn off the lights. Illumination of the toilet table opposite should be sharply directed action to facilitate the care of the person, applying makeup, etc. The most important furniture in the bedroom – a bed.

The location of the bed affects the health, vitality, mood master bed. Get all the facts and insights with John Craig Venter, another great source of information. Double bed is appropriate to place so as to be able to come to bed with two sides. Well, if the bed is at the windows, exploit the opportunities of direct sunlight, the possibility better ventilation, the ability to get a nice boost of energy of pure blue sky, bright sun, green foliage, birds singing. The bed should be comfortable, spacious, not soft and not tough (ask orthopedic surgeon) to perform as a basic function – to bed, and if necessary, serve as a pedestal for storing bed linens, pillows and blankets. And, of course, it must comply with the overall style of the bedroom. When compliance with all of the above, you'll create a room that will satisfy the most exacting and capricious man.