Radiation Source

This is called an interview just published in the April issue of the journal "Egoist generation known in the scientific world, scientists Lev Alexandrovich radiobiologists Buldakova, at the State Research Center Russian Federation "Biophysics Institute", Academician of RAMS, MD, PhD, Professor, State Prize. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, Honor, Courage, Hero of Russia. He has more than half a century of experience in studying the effects of radiation disasters. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers. And he knows all about radiation.

In recent monographs Buldakova made of the fact that scientists have proved so called gormetichesky effect of penetrating radiation, which consists in the fact that at doses higher than the natural level of radiation increases the life expectancy of animals and humans, the frequency decreases diseases, including cancer. And it made a big splash in the world's scientific community and made us think about what we know about radiation is still very little that many details are in the nature of myths rather than truth. For example, know that the background radiation of the earth is 0.1 roentgen / yr. And, if we remove the natural radiation, in which our ancestors lived millions of years, we faint. When the experiments the plants and animals died or several times decreased their weight, they ceased to multiply.

As soon as the increased radiation exposure to natural background and more – all recovered. Another example – a phenomenon that scientists are faced with liquidation consequences of radiation accidents, like – "panic background radiation" or "suggestion disease Chernobyl." Experts claim that 25% of the patients, according to the Chernobyl register, doses actually received. But succumbing to mass hypnosis, became ill with the same pathology, and colleagues that the "real doses." In the book, LA Buldakova and VS Kalistratov "Radiation effects on the body. The positive effects "is still a situation. In Taiwan, about 10 000 residents in Taipei for 20 years lived in the apartments, the walls are metal beams containing CO 60.Srrednyaya radiation dose was 340m3v. It turned out that instead of increasing the incidence of cancer and leukemia, there was a sharp decline in mortality from cancer, which was 3.6% of the average Taiwanese. Chronic exposure resulted in the formation of immunity to cancers. There was no information about the backlog of children and their diseases tumors in the exposed flats. Such an action is different from the action of acute exposure. The authors explained that if the amount of damage is low (in small doses) – the body responds by stimulation of protective processes. When the volume damage exceeds a certain limit (large doses), including adaptive systems simply do not have time to compensate for damage caused by irradiation. And one of the problems of modern radiobiology and radiation protection is now start deciphering the mechanism of stimulation that will affect all possible outcomes in such cases. "Nonlinear Communication"