Red Sea

They Jeffrey Newman, and three component sounds together very nicely. Soon, his 'Red Sea' and 'White Sea', consists of four components. (Gayakovoe tree grows only in Australia, are listed as endangered, and so as one of the most expensive elements in perfumery. – Kr.-On.) In addition, one of the most interesting – 'Tilleul' D Orsay. The story of creation from the famous conqueror of female hearts Chevalier d'Orsay, which is very long and unsuccessfully Lady Blessington in court distrust the sincerity of his feelings are associated. But there is already after the creation of this fragrance lady, they were married, and, incidentally, lived very long, about 30 years. How can I apply fragrance? Each flavor completely separate, and in Depending on the skin in different people, it would be 'Sound' (and do not smell '!) Anders.

The biggest mistake – if people used to knead the perfume on your wrist and start. Thus, the mixed layer, and the smell just killed. Why is it necessary to apply them to the skin? Then you will get the taste and aroma, used to get used to you, then after a few minutes he will play the sound, and in accordance with you! In addition, we must remember that many of the flavors of the first 10-15 minutes sounds awfully simple. But then they must be disclosed is very beautiful. This is because many elements of the taste of natural origin, based EFY venom viper. Thus, there is a toxic fragrances! To be randomly pudding taste and can be toxic? (Laughs) No, not poisoned.